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  1. Hi All, I've tried searching but become very confused, so please forgive my lack of knowledge; I'm trying to learn fast! I have recently been lucky enough to be given an RH1, along with a few 1gb Hi-MD discs and some standard 74 minute ones. All my music is stored in FLAC format at the moment on my PC. My plan was to mount the FLAC tracks using Daemon Tools and then rip them to Sonic Stage, and then onto my RH1. My question is, what settings should I rip at and then transfer at? This is where I get all confused between ATRAC, ATRAC3, lossless, LP2, LP4 and all the associated bitrates. My goal is to find a happy medium between sound quality and storage size. I have transfered the FLAC files to SS using ATRAC lossless and then onto my RH1 at 132kbps. I think this is LP2? From my limited knowledge this would seem ok - it sounds pretty good anyway. Any help is most welcome!
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