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  1. I contacted Gracenote twice and they won't email me back. Has anybody got a response from them? I just contacted them a third time and I hope I get a response this time.
  2. Hi this is John I'm been having an issue with sonicstage not working properly.

    When I insert a cd it won't show the track and artist  information so I formatted

    the harddrive and reinstalled everything and I have the same problem. But it seems md simple burner works fine and it shows the artist and track info.  I thought because I was using a blu ray drive but it turned out that wasn't the problem. I am using windows xp sp3 and here is my information for sonicstage:   SonicStage :
    SonicStage Security Update Program :
    SonicStage Add-on :
    OpenMG Secure Module :
    MagicGate Memory Stick Device :
    Ez :
    NW-E2, NW-E3, NW-E5 and NW-E8P :
    OpenMG CD :
    M.S. PRO :
    CD Walkman :
    ATRAC Audio Device with Intelligent function :
    Hi-MD :
    Music Clip, NW-S4, NW-E7 and NW-E10 :

    Also I was wondering if you could remove the group function from md simple

    burner. The reason once you exceed the max of group folders you can't transfer

    anymore songs. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

    1. bigbadwolf2018


      I have an update and I think I know what the problem is. When I try to register

      with gracenote error 110/12 user quota exceeded. Would you happen to know

      on how to fix this? I appreciate your help on this. Thanks!

    2. bigbadwolf2018


      I just found out that sony owns gracenote now and the license for sonicstage has expired.

  3. I just installed this new version of sonic stage and I'm having an issue . When it connects to gracenote to retrieve cd info it displays no track information. The funny thing is md simple burner displays the track information. If anybody can help I would really appreciate this. Thanks
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