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  1. Hey all! Long time lurker to the forum and never thought I'd be selling this baby, but times are tough for me at the moment and well... It's up for grabs. I bought it back in 2010 off eBay from the original owner and have only used it around twenty times due to having another unit I prefer. It comes with all the manuals/booklets original charger and cables and accessories minus a mic and minus the original box. The oled on the player and remote control cable is as bright as when new. There is one tiny scratch on the top of the player and Velcro/adhesive tape that was placed on the bottom of the unit. The original owner placed the adhesive Velcro on the unit and I never bothered to remove it but I'm sure you can get it off easily if you decide to. Unable to post pictures of the booklets due to them being in my office at the moment, but don't worry, they will all be included. Please feel free to ask any questions and or anything that I'm sure I didn't mention in this posting. I'm located in San Diego, southern California, USA. I know the price for purchasing the bundle is quite a bit at the moment but I'm sure I'll let it go for a fair price. Thanks!
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