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  1. Installed back Windows XP and all working fine.
  2. Tascam 350 Also have Atrac Rev. 4.5 Type-R Sony IC - Good deck. Must be listened on Analog autput - if you want that unique sound experience. Digital sounds the same as other decks. Digital is digital, usual stuff.
  3. cosmolv


    Why Emoji's didn't work in this forum? <- Only this is available.
  4. These batteries are really cheap now on ebay and works great. And with X-Tar charger they last for long.
  5. meh... Got the same. Nothing.
  6. Forgot about USB and SonicStage =) Sony Lissa don't use USB - it uses Firewire connection - all decks are built like computer (daisy chained by firewire) . Only option are Windows 98, but there are problem. I do not have Win98 PC or even don't have drivers for it to support My PC on Win98. Minimum is Windows XP. I tryed out Virtual win32 years ago, it not even allow to run it on virtual - problems with Firewire <-> Lissa comunication on virtual are too complicated. The only way are patching drivers and Lissa software. All units have digital communication with each other. Lissa software transfer songs in hi-Quality 48 Khz at 24 bit i don't know if SonicStage are capable of that. =) trying to do these two, waht you suggested. - turn OFF UAC - turn OFF DEP
  7. I have Win 7-32bit version, even not bother to x64 and on Windows XP there also are messups with this software. Sometimes it runs, sometimes not. Sometimes freezing. On Win 7 it opens up well and not freezing. So i assume, if it is possible to port somehow this application or change something in drivers maybe it can be stable on Windows 7 (just thinking)
  8. Hi, i seen here that some of you have great knowledge to rewrite existing apps, or whatewer you do to them. can some patch "Digital Link Manager For Lissa" for Windows 7 ? It has problems to add AVC drivers. it find them, but cannot install. I disabled Digital Signature, but it says, that it cannot install these drivers This is software for it. https://files.fm/u/cn5nxrdw It works like SonicStage, but has specially designed for Lissa and that's my setup. I really like it, because it can allow hi quality digital transfer in 48 Khz to MiniDisc and it has the best quality i ever heard from MiniDisc records. So i really appreciate if someone can make some Software adjustments.
  9. That not working in my situation, service menu are screwed up so mutch, that there are no other way to revrite data completely.
  10. Application Window are from service manual. With that software you can read down all data from MD unit, rewrite it and upload back. You can read and see what is wrong and messed up with it. (if you know what you do of course) It has all needed date in the software. So if somebody messed up, you can fix it quickly. I got some units that are screwed up. And to fix these i need That software to set all back to original state.
  11. Hi everyone! I know that this software are only for Repair services, but since minidisc repairing are no more covered by SONY officially, maybe somebody have this software. Because sometimes i get in service MD units that are messed up with service menus and there are no other way than "rewriting the patch data" So, if somebody good person like to share it, i will appreciate it.
  12. These "features" are not worth to hack it. For example R900 aree good to hack due to Type-R feature really great sound improvement, but N710 why? It has already great sound With his Type-S on it by default. Exelent walkman. Little late, but if somebody searching history and have the same problem, here you go: http://www.minidisc.org/sony_mzr_reset.html P.S. This forum needs an updates and fixes, lot of problems and bugs <- Don't have smileys When you press enter to next stroke, whole page jumps down.
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