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  1. By the way, I read from another thread that this unit should work in Windows 7 64bit. http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/26009-netmd-for-windows-7-64bit/?page=5 I haven't tested it, but wondering which driver to use for the Sony USB COMM. Is this driver available in download section? Many Thanks.
  2. hi, thank you for the information. i was not successul to install multiple units. when i install M333, the error says device name (Net MD) already used.
  3. Thanks sfbp, I have fixed the driver issue, now it works as Net MD as well.
  4. Many thanks for your reply. I think the problem is that I used another NetMD recorder before, so I cannot install driver again for another (CMT-M333). But the driver previously installed cannot be used for CMT-M333. So is there any way to remove completely uninstall the previous driver installation? Yes, talking a real XP system machine, not virtual. By the way, the USB sound card function works well.
  5. I read a Chinese review article that confirms the remote is different from the previous players, maybe because of the sound effect chipset.
  6. tried the NetMD052.zip (32-bit Windows) from download section, but did not install the driver successfully. Any help on the correct version of driver needed? Thanks.
  7. I think the V55 remote is the same as the one used in the low end model V33.
  8. klwk

    AIWA XR-MD200

    Does this bookshelf unit have high speed (2x?) cd to md recording function? Thanks.
  9. yes, I know what you mean, functions on the machine can only play the disc etc
  10. Nope, I can't tell, sorry. I don't have the other 3 models you mentioned. I seem to have seen the same information as you said, but I think that's only the seller's misunderstanding. I would think because the remote is different, so cannot work on V55.
  11. Here is the user manual, there is an English section starting Page 46. I have this machine in case you have other questions.
  12. hi, I'm new here. My question is simple. Are all MD discs compatible with the MDLP modes? I mean the discs produced in early stage in 1990s, like 74min, 60min discs, etc. Thanks.
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