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  1. side view with no disc -->--> you can clearly see the air between flex part and metal case part, in my working player the flex part is laying on the metal case part. but i have beendend the flex part hard down and more i think it's impossible (no actual picture....)
  2. Hello again Please read my first topic how the problem started and what i fixed so far: http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/29962-mz-rh1-recording-problem-hardware-solved/ After the recording mode worked like new, i have still recording problems. I know my workbench isn't.... but i did it with all my patient i can get in to it. So i think i didn't bend anything.... Reading normal disc = no problem Reading Hi-MD = no problem Writing normal disc = problem in the beginning = now normal Writing Hi-MD = not working.... Normal disc not recorded, but after i push with some force on the upper head it worked. So i forced bending the upper head a bit down, now the normal disc works. format, record, move, pc and mp3 (still i believe a bit slower than my working model) Hi-MD only plays. But in the middle of my adventure a short period of time it worked. also from pc and mp3. I just pushed the upper head (metal bending part) down with force..... Sometimes it works and other times i tried 1 hour and not a single time it worked. Does anybody have a solution? Is the problem the lower head/lens part, is the problem the upper part (to strong, to lose)? Is alignment needed or is the upper head not so important? Do i have to edit the parameters in the service mode? I hope you can see in the pictures how i push on the flex part to lower the upper head for testing. (really sometimes it worked, sometimes not.....) I know from opening my "good" RH1 the flex part in recording is flat on the metal part. Mine is still a bit in the air but i feel a good amount of force the head is pushing down on the disc in record mode.
  3. Hello all Here are a problem i found on a recently bought minidisc from ebay with no working recording. I really didn't know what is the problem. I only found interesting in recording mode the tray was not locked. So i open the minidisc to the all its single parts and found the issue. -->-->--> The problem was in the gearbox for the lock mechanism (the lock mechanism also lower the upper part of the read/write head). After a little autopsie and with some super glue i managed to fix the gearbox. What i beauty it work like new again. I hope you can enjoy the pictures and it helps others with the same problem. PLEASE WATCH THE ONGOING PROBLEM AFTER THIS MECHANICAL PROBLEM I SOLVED: http://forums.sonyinsider.com/topic/29963-mz-rh1-new-recording-problem-hardware-unsolved/
  4. Dear sfbp Thanks for your comment. I will post my doing after I done it :-) Would be nice to see more about this "software".
  5. I think I found another solution for entering TEST MODE / Service mode: Short the SL802 (TEST) contact on the Mainboard. You find this soldering point on PAGE 33 (D/1). I will test this solution and post my results. Picture on twitter: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D4EdDtsW0AI8AXw.jpg
  6. Hello I found this for enter the Service mode: 1) Switch the "hold" key on-off 2) press and hold T-MARK 3) press FF FF FR FR FF FR FF FR Pause Pause I have tried this many times but not worked. Can anybody confirm this please? Can it be a lucky press because on older device the FF and FR are not so good? AND YES I know it can be dangerous. It's a shame so many asked this question and so many people are "smart" and only speak about the danger insteadt to give the asked question. So please only give answer to the question to the right combination. For be "smart" go to another place, thanks ;-)
  7. you saved my day!!! worked great to go from japan signs to english words. just pusch MODE for long and folow your steps.
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