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  1. Thank you sfbp, I really appreciate your input. So far, I've only removed the top case to clean the lens. I think you're right, I need to go a bit further and see if that sled works fine.
  2. @PhilippeC, thank you for your reply (merci pour votre réponse et vos conseils!) Yes, the unit is indeed recognising the discs, they are spinning and from time to time, the unit even displays the songs names. I will try to contact Jonathan, but I was under the impression that he did NOT take any request for MDs repair. Anyway, I'll check again =)
  3. I would love to know if anyone was ever able to get into "test mode" as described the service manual. The documented procedure is to put the player on "hold", and then, while holding the "stop" button on the device, you have to use the remote to "2x forward" , "2x backward" , "forward", "back", "forward", "back" , "folder -" , "folder +". I tried it 100s times, I cannot activate this test mode :/
  4. Thank you guys for your replies. I cleaned the lens with alcohol, but it didn't help. I also tried to contact Jim H. by email, but haven't heard back from him. I'm confidant my MZ-E10 is not "broken", mainly because I've never carried it in my pocket, I'm sure the pcb is in good shape. I'll keep trying the "test mode" & report back the results.
  5. Hi there, I've digged up my beloved Sony MZ-E10 after 13 years of sleep. The thing is, it can't seem to be able to read any of my MDs. Those same discs work perfectly on an other player. The e10 remote control just says "blankdisc" , but I can hear all the mecanics running like 13 years ago (motor + lens , very sexy sound, I just love it). I've tried to run the "test mode" described in the service manual, by pressing controls on the remote in a precise order, but I cant seem to get it right... Any advise on how to fix my e10 or run the test mode would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Really glad to have found this topic. I'm sad to read mz-e10 is unrepairable, i've just digged up mine after 10 years and it is in mint condition (motor & lens seem fine, i just LOVE the sound of the mecanics). Can't read any MDs though, all my discs say "blankdisk" on the remote. Wondering though if going through the "test mode" & running the "overall adjustment" would help... Please advise if any e10 lover is still around!
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