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  1. Tell him what a great website very informative and considering it's oner person who set it up what a great feat. Hey does that mean you sell blank discs?
  2. Try this link and scroll down and look for MUJI you'll find it there. It's also the same photos as the previous poster but on a different website. https://sites.google.com/site/crazyforminidisc/.
  3. The disc is a MUJI it's here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPlMVfnXsf89rT4lD1H6Jfum-Scy8TwGIMdIxk6cmY4wZQSYpfiNPGX_0ckGMbNew?key=OXpqSkZ2WTVNcFBVT0Z2dkNoZ0o0UXNVc0RRTkdn Good luck in finding it.
  4. My first machine was the MZ-R30 bought 20 years ago which I still use but early this year (thanks to Technomoan) I bought a couple of decks (920 and 940: the keyboard input is the dealmaker here) and have been getting my vinyl collection onto MD before I downsize my vinyl. I have a couple of portables such as the MZ-E25, which are so small and light and can run off one AA battery with great sound quality via some decent headphones such as Sennheissers. I found some sheet address labels in my cupboard and managed to download a template for it from Avery and I can now print my labels, which is so cool. I really do love MD but more so the second time around it seems.
  6. I don't think you have read my post correctly or I haven't explained it very well. Tthe extra heat was caused by having my machine sandwiched between my old amp (heat rising ) and a Cdr machine ( the underneath got very very hot) which got incredibly hot. The errors occurred when I was recording so the machine gets hot and it's also getting extra heat form the amp and CDR bingo C13 error. I have since moved the JB940 so it sits above my JB920 and I have been using it without any errors since weekend. I have bought a used Sony XE520 CD player with digital out so the old Cdr won't be needed.
  7. I have commented on here previously regarding errors thrown up by my beloved JB940QS, which started playing up so I sent it off for a service after explaining to them the problems however on return 2 out of 3 errors were still there despite them giving it a good overall service etc. However I think I might know the reasons for the errors HEAT as I had it on top of my old NAD amp and below my CD recorder which I dubbed CD''s from. I noticed that the mini-discs were very very hot when ejected after recording. I then checked the bottom of the CD recorder and it was even hotter, so my poor 940 has been sat in between two audio ovens. I think the extra heat threw out the laser somehow and disrupted the recording process. I have now moved it well away from my amp and CD player and also fitted a new sturdier optical link and set the input to 2 on the 940 instead of 1 and low and behold not one error and it's been recording most of the day from DAT coaxial and CD via optical link and not one error. I am not sure if this will be useful for many but it might save someone's mini-disc deck a trip to the repairman. So keep it well away from your amp and CD player and it'll be ok
  8. Not knocking it just saying trying to say that it's as fresh as a daisy, still plays, still records and still sounds great.
  9. Hi I've recently bought on Ebay a Jb940 recorder which is a beauty and I bought it really for the keyboard titling facilities. I bought a recent batch of Sony 80min disc form Ebay and when I'n recording straight from my CD player via optical output it will throw up the c-13 error and keep recording but with the track starts all over the place. The 80mins work fine on the JB920 machine downstairs. I'm wondering if it's a bad batch or is the 940 overly sensitive to 80min? anyone got any ideas?
  10. I had a mini-disc back in the 90s a MZ-R30 which still plays and records like it was 1997. My budget Sony deck went belly up years ago. However I've recently bought 2 JB920 decks on Ebay for £100 each and oh boy the sound from these beauties just blew me away. The recording and function capabilities are amazing and they handled everything I threw at them. I have my DAT deck a Tascam DA-20 Mk II linked up to it via co-axial cable. The DAT records my vinyl and the Philips CD-r via optical link well it records my CD's. I bought 2 one for my man cave upstairs and one for the living room downstairs (when wife is out shopping' visiting sisters, getting nails done etc) and also as cover in case one packs up ( fingers crossed). I picked up a MZ-R50 on Ebay for about £25.00 boxed with leads manual and soft bag and it looks brand new the sound is nice and crisp through my Sennheisser Urbanite headphones. I've been buying blanks discs mainly job lots and got some great Sony discs. I have some hi-space from the 90's which is remarkable as they still play without a problem. I've tried to test my ears with a recorded CD and the original CD and I just cannot tell the difference. I've got MD's I made in the 90.s and they play as sweet as anything however CR-Rs I burnt a few years ago won't play. It's not coming back despite being a great piece of audio tech but I will keep using it and making my own mixtapes.
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