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  1. Ah cool. I cleaned the remote terminals and that appears fine now, so I’ll assume there’s crud behind the buttons on the unit? I’m guessing the four screws round the lid is my next port of call! Thanks again!!
  2. Oh of course, I’m pleased it still plays faithfully, and I could find a replacement if needed. Just wondered if it’s something easily fixable. I have tried using lithium batteries too but it still won’t play ball with those two buttons. Thanks again for the replies!
  3. Ok, thanks, I will take a look. However, they don’t work from the remote also (I checked last night) but all other remote buttons appear to work ok? Any thoughts?
  4. Hi folks, new to the forum. I have a MZ-R55 which is working, however the mode and display buttons on the unit don't appear to be working. Other buttons work fine (currently) but i'm wondering if there's a common problem and if it can be rectified? Thanks for any help :)
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