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  1. I want to see what about "improved mp3 handling" is. To get CD to MD I have an MXD-D3 Deck. For my MP3s, I copy all I want on a MD to an USB stick, normalize all with audacity and then stick in an stand allone Mediaplayer with optical out to the mds-pc3.The sound is not bad. Perhaps it is a better way to get a netMD Player via USB,but Iam not sure if the sound result is eaqual,better or less
  2. I have the hope that someone who also owns a MDS-PC3 still has the software
  3. Hi, has someone the software RIP MDS-PC3 (v0.2b) ? The provided downloadlink ends on a homepage with username and password. Thanks
  4. Search for MZ-NH700 service manual on google.
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