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  1. When I buy second hand discs, they usually have some dust particles on the disc surface and at the bottom, which I usually can easily wipe off with a cotton swab. I use ethyl alcohol to clean the hard-to-remove spots, but sometimes I can't remove it. I even saw discs with a few small holes in the surface, strangely enough, the discs were still working and heard no interruption or something (maybe it has to do with the error correction included in MiniDisc). Well I hope the laser is strong enough to read through some dust. I think the best method is compressed air to clean MiniDiscs. Unfortunately I do not have an air compressor at home, but I think there are air spray cans available commercially.
  2. I wonder how sensitive MiniDisc is to dust because it looks like you can't stop it. Even new discs that I keep neatly in the box get some dust particles in the case over time. I then try to wipe them off with a cotton tip. With older discs I see that even speckles can stick to it that cannot be wiped off. Can the laser then simply read the information from the MD? So my question is how bad is it to have some small dust particles on the surface? and what is the best method for cleaning them?
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