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  1. Thanks phillipec you seem to be one of the few still active. I got a banged up nh600 since this and even with a cracked case it still runs.
  2. I ended up finding a mxd-d40 for 150$ with 200 discs. The deck needs to new MD ejection band but other than that plays like a champ. I need to do a bit of cleaning on its outputs with contact cleaner and it is good to go. Thanks for reaffirming I made a good decision (MD wise not the buying a deck on a dead/dying format as my wife puts it). I tried finding reasonable type S MD only decks but they are even harder to find at a reasonable price. The HIMD decks are super expensive from Japan so I was supper excited to get this cd/MD combo.
  3. Hey blue , Any more stuff to offload? Which md cd deck do you recommend ?
  4. Looking for durable gen 1 Hi-md units. I currently have nh900 and nhf800 so any of those would be nice. My goal is to get backups so I can share the minidisc love with my kids when they get older. Thanks for reading.
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