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  1. Wow, bluecrab, somebody answered this. I thought no body had any opinion, or it was a stupid question. I have not begun the installation yet, but I have settled on the 800rec. That's because of what wires it has and what harnesses I have here at home. I have purchased an aux in system to interface with my indash 6 cd changer. I doubt that I will ever do much recording, or even editing. But that's an option. Thank you for your opinion on which one. 2many
  2. D551E335-873D-4C36-88A0-1571AB6A2698.MOV
  3. I am getting some light in this crazy tunnel. Several more attempts to get proper functionality were fruitless. Bypassing the power strips and going right off the power conditioner did not bring back the three MD's currently installed. Funny though, one previous unit which had entered the crazy zone previously, continues to work outboard of my whole stack of stuff. Almost seemed as if putting an MD in place for operation was the cause of malfunction. But no... At the time my electrical service was upgraded to a 200 amp service, I also had an 80 amp service drawn to, and installed a
  4. Right, the one thing I have not done as I pass through the auto check logs is clear the history. I merely examine the logs and move on. Careful not to make any alterations concerning operation. These decks all have been trouble free but for 940 belt issues and the logs show the code ten which I think was related to that. More switch outs and trial runs will take place today.
  5. D551E335-873D-4C36-88A0-1571AB6A2698.MOV If your deck is left on with no disc, this display begins after a minute or two of idle time. If the power shuts off, then is restored, you are going to find your decks have turned on.
  6. OK, end of the day at the end of my wits! This all does not make sense. Ya don't just have 3 MD's go down on the same day. They has to be a factor. Theorize with me if you will... I have spent much of the day MD related. I have been through the auto check. (slightly different between 930 and 940) basically I was careful to avoid altering any values. It seemed that doing so cured my problem, but wait, I take the decks back to the editing suite and they are doing again with out consistency and with out any one unit being the exact same difficulty in operation. The 930 seemed cured partly,
  7. “Service mode”... how do you initiate a service mode? Isn't there a self diagnostic that can give an error code?
  8. Home decks button's failure to respond. Really odd symptoms and seems that three decks failed at the same time. What I am perceiving is that there is a logic problem somewhere and this might be caused by a power failure the week before. So my explanation could be a bit long winded, yet I really need some help. Or pointers in the right direction. Like how to reset them or do the self diagnostics. Took a picture of my work station area. I have two mds 940's and one 930 in the stack. I am utilizing most all of the audio hook ups with each one to interface with the rest of the gear. Pow
  9. I am leaning towards the C800REC. Has anybody ever owned/used one of these
  10. Hello, I thought I would throw this out for discussion. I have 3 in dash units that I must choose one of, to put in my truck. C6500X C8500X C800REC So, I have to choose which one I am going to install. The installation is not as a head unit, but merely an auxiliary in on the 06 GMC Sierra's original 6 CD changer. I will be powering up the MD separate from the ignition and will be stubbing out some speaker jacks for when I want to set up auxiliary speakers on site somewhere. (an option) The main function is to play MD's through the original system and speakers while dr
  11. Yep, just to load and unload. BUT... my belts lasted a bit over 15 years before they got a little slack. Rubber bands turn to goo in about five years.
  12. Remove the four screws holding the drive down and just raise the front of the drive up over the faceplate. Tweezers will pull the old belt off and install a new one right throught the front md slot. No need for other disassembly. rubber bands are not belts. Yes, they work. Interested in how long they would last.
  13. I have fonally got around to servicing the two jb940’s in my work station’s stack. Been putting it off due to the complexity of access to it all. I can say I am a pro-installer of belts now after a total of 6 units. And with proper belts on hand it is a five or ten minute job. However, changing the four belts on a sony tc-we835s turned out to be an extreme pain. Difficult to find information, tips and tricks. In the end I am successful there too. I am currently on my way back together after a total wipe down of dust, re-vamping of all wires and a deoxit spay of noisy pots on the te
  14. Wow! The rubber feet would be handy if you were not rack mounting it. Is that one the pro?
  15. I have 3 e-12’s and one e-10 they initialize like yours IF left unplugged for an extended period. None say pro after the model # so you must have an early or a late one. A special one?
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