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  1. Does anyone still remember their 1st love with MiniDiscs? Mine was the MZ-R30 which I still have today and still working! I still remember how blown away I was with the sound coming out of this over 20 years ago. No other portable device could come close to it including Sony's own Walkman Portable Cassette Player. Gone were the tape hiss Gone were the problems with left-right balance. Gone were the distortion in higher frequency. Gone were the headache caused with prolong use. The MiniDisc was such a pleasure to listen to.
  2. Hey, don't knock the MZ-R30! It's the very 1st MD I ever bought and made me a fan of MiniDiscs. I still like the sound it gives - brings back nice 90's memories! The chargeable battery on it died many years ago and there was a period when I wasn't using it because of it. But then I found replacement batteries being sold on ebay and am still using it to this day. Well worth the purchase.
  3. It's a pity that no manufacturer made a Hi-MD with digital out as it would make it so much easy to use an external DAC for processing which can be upgraded. sfbp solution can do that if you want to. Maybe someone with right know-how could do a crowdfunding campaign for just a Hi-MD transport only with digital out so you could use your own preferred external DAC. Wishful thinking?
  4. sfbp - Thank you for replying to my post. It was not my intention to offend you or anyone in this forum. I was only seeking advice and input from people in the MiniDisc community who have a technical expertise which I may not possess who were willing to share their fact based opinion on the situation. I had no intention of bringing my dispute with the seller here.

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