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  1. swex runs good, really good! but i found some bug.. like i've uploaded around 600 songs to my walkman, but among them swex wouldn't upload bob marley and koacha. though they are the same .mp3 files... what's the problem?? i've checked. koacha is .wma ... that's the problem. BUT!!! all bob marley songs are .mp3... so i dont really know what's that all about.
  2. i got absolutely the same problem as in the first message. and i also was guessing this happened due to some characters in file's or id3tag's names. so the only way is now swex.. though i liked ml_sony. =) strange notice.. i uploaded some tracks with ml_sony, let's call it group A. then it crashed a few times, so i continued with swex. (all songs i've uploaded with ml_sony REMAINED, they didn't disappear!!) ok,with swex i uploaded some other tracks, group B. but for some reasons swex wouldn't upload bob marley songs. so i used ml_sony to upload it, and it was just perfect. but then i disconnected walkman... and so all i got was songs group A and bob marley. group B did not exist at all.
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