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  1. Well the original atrac actually seems to do a good job here aswell, the sharp recorder has an amazing sound anyways with a nice DAC and powerful headphone amplifier, The sony isn´t even close to this so yeah if the 80min recording limit wouldn´t be, a amazing portable device. I also thought it would be much better, even since youtube music nowadays uses 192 kbit/s for their streams (i guess aac or something) and sounds just fine. But i don´t know, maybe other Hi-MD machines did a much better encoding job than mine since it shouldn´t have noticeable artefacts whatsoever. I´ve
  2. Just had an interesting idea... Recording with both devices at the same time. And still, the Sharp made the better recording with old atrac in SP mode. Also when playing the recorded disk from the sharp on the sony sounds just fine. So either atrac3plus is crap or my unit has a bad encoding... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVXl_dAZcM4
  3. Hi there! i just played around with my minidisc portables and started to record my vinyl collection to a single 80min standard MD in Hi-SP mode. The recorder is a sony mz-rh910 and sounds excellent when recording in PCM mode (lossless). Actually used this mode to rip some vinyl records to my Pc. Unfortunately the 80min disk can only hold up to 28min of lossless audio so i decided to use the standard Hi-SP mode to create a mixtape. But then i noticed, there´s a lot of artefacts from compression going on, noticeable at the beginning of the recording while there´s just noisy vinyl. Co
  4. Hi there, I own a Sharp MD SR50 which to be seems to be a very great profressional looking device. Sadly a common fault for this unit is a broken gear that drives the laser head. My unit is still working but somewhere i have one layong around that doesn't. So just in any case i'd like to be prepared if the working unit fails. Unfortunately it seems impossible to get the gear with the part no. NGERH0597AFZZ. Im curious if anyone may have this laying around or know a supplier for this part. Thank you all and have a nice day.
  5. The good thing about the RH910 it can play mp3's native without conversion. Mp3 to atrac can be done in sonicstage but then sounds horrible so i directly record it and then just edit the title names via net md. So i wanted a hi-md that supports mp3 without conversion
  6. Yeah i know techmoan and have seen some of his minidisc videos but can't remember one with printing labels. I also don't want to cover the full minidisc. There's a area on the left side designed to attach a label and that's the place i meant
  7. Hi there, i haven´t found a good solution for printing labels for my minidisc´s. I´d love to print out some album arts that i can glue onto my minidisc but i don´t know the resolution i should use in order to get the correct size on a din a4 page. The minidisc´s placeholder for a label is rectangular and the usual pictures from album arts are a square so my idea was to create a rectangular label with the picture and below this maybe the album name in letters with a matching backround color to the minidisc itself or the album art. I´ve uploaded an example label. So i just need t
  8. Hi there again! I´ve found an Sony MZ-RH910 on ebay for a good price. It´s shipped from france to germany so will take some time until i can test it.
  9. Yes this helps a lot. Thank you for this information. Well then i may stick with the old way since conversion in sonic stage sucks and the 2nd generation isn´t currently avaiable to buy on ebay and the rh1 is just way too expensive. I found the NH700 for just about 75€ maybe i´ll pick it up for my collection then.
  10. Hey there, I haven´t found any info about this in the FAQ or google but i´d like to know if any Hi-MD machine can decode mp3 files since some units have "mp3" printed on the back and others do not. If so, which models will play mp3 without conversion? I´m planning to expand my little collection and get a hi-md machine from ebay. Currently there are two options: A Sony MZ NH-700 and a NH600. Can they play mp3? I have a lot 320kbit/s mp3´s EDIT: I also found a MZ-NH900 unit for a reasonable price avaiable but it doesn´t come with any additional accessory. Are any feature
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