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  1. [ UPDATE: unit has been sold. Thanks! ] Selling my old MiniDisk player: Sony MZ-R55 which I bought new around 2000 I think. Kit includes: Remote control (wired), which connects to headphones. Rechargeable gumstick battery, although it seems to be dead. EBP-MZR55 battery case lets it run on two AA batteries. AC Adapter (US/Canada). Soft carrying pouch. Multi-language user guide (EN, FR, DE, NL, IT). Aftermarket carrying case (Optex semi-hard clamshell). 32 used disks (1x MD-60, 25x MD-74, 6x MD-80) plus four disks still in shrink wrap (3xMD74, 1xMD80) Some of the used disks are blank but most have music ripped from CDs in various mixes. Everything is in good working condition (except for the rechargable battery). Good cosmetic condition (slight wear on the chrome buttons). I'm located in Canada. I'll let the whole shebang go for CA$125 plus shipping.
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