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  1. Actually I've enjoyed the discussion. I have the unit now AND a power diverter. I still have no decided what to do but this thread gives me enough to think about. The unit I received is pristine and now it feels wrong to open it up and 'butcher' it's insides. The power inverter that I got is quite small and not as cumbersome as I originally expected. However if I do decide to pursue it I will be reaching out to those in this thread to get help. SERIOUSLY Thank you everyone!
  2. About to get my greedy hands on a Sony MD Deck MDS – S500 from Japan. It is NetMD capable and pretty robust for connections. Alas it has one hitch as since it is from Japan it uses 100v vs our western 110/120v power. From what I understand I will fry this thing if I plug it in direct. I've purchased an external power adapter stepper which solves the issue but to me is clumsy and cumbersome. What I am looking to do is to replace or alter the internal power supply so it will safely run on US 120v/ Has anyone done this ? Secondly, does anyone have the SM? I cannot find an English one . Thanks in advance!
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