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  1. I am having this problem same problem that cucnj described throughout the thread with MZ-NE410 on Windows 10 64-bits

    tried many times with different encoding formats (VBR, CBR, WAV) and had no success at all, fail all tracks.

    I will try to change the USB cable in question and batteries, but I doubt it will change anything.


    btw, I notice SonicStage converts everything before transfer. What format does it convert tracks to?
    Maybe having my files converted to the correct format before transfer could fix the issue.

  2. I run windows 10 64-bits and I'm trying to record with NetMD MZ-NE410.

    Followed every step from every post here.. oem<nn>.inf have been all removed, installed all drivers, enabled hidden devices, etc.

    MZ-NE410 still does not show up in my devices though, I am running out of options here as it seems to work for everyone else (including the person who sold me this).

    Is there a specific driver for this model I'm missing? please this is somewhat urgent.

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