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  1. Sony removed any support for these old (2003) models. They won't talk about them, help you or whatever. This is why I'm search for some repository outside of Sony. I've even looked on archive.org. But I appreciate the suggestions. John
  2. Thanks for the link. Now I need one for the audio! I got this VAIO (and another smaller one) that run XP specifically because the versions of Adobe audio editing softwareI use professionally are getting old. The new versions are geared more for music production versus voice work and radio show editing. So it is much simpler to keep using the old software on machines running the OS (XP) that they were designed for. The smaller VAIO was intact with the original hard drive, so the drivers are there. The drive on the big VAIO with the 17" screen was removed. That's why I need various drivers. I'm getting by with a USB audio stick, but it would be nice to use the built-in audio. Again, thanks! John
  3. Amazingly, I am 71 and still hosting/editing/uploading a syndicated radio show weekly. I've also written books on using Windows, going online and buying or using digital cameras. Not bad for a so-called boomer. I've used a lot of Sony products: desktop VAIO, Sony NT-1 tiny recorder, several Sony cameras and now back to the past (via Shopgoodwill.com) to grab a couple of Sony VAIO laptops so I can keep using my old, reliable Adobe Audition 1.5 and 3.0 on machines running XP! It looks like VAIOs sell well on Shopgoodwill while many HPs, Dells, etc. not so much. BTW, I use a small Sony digital recorder with two very nice mics plugged in to do the shows. 400 and counting with no problems. Hoping to find a recovery disc set for the Sony Vaio Laptop Model PCG-9W1L. The seller removed the hard drive! John
  4. I want to use my old XP Laptop with some older audio editing software that runs best on XP. I have the Sony VIAO Laptop Model PCG-9W1L working, but the drivers for sound, camera, and other features cannot be obtained from Sony. Does anyone have the old recovery discs or IS0 images? Thanks! John
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