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  1. A long time ago I remembered watching a video about a MiniDisc front label printer created by Sony, the MZP-1, and I was truly impressed for that machine. Unfortunately, devices like these are unlikely to appear in my country and we should not talk about its spare parts and consumables. So then I cut through the easy way labeling my MD's with adhesive blank labels and writing the contents of the disc with a normal pen. A few weeks ago I received my long-awaited PeriPage A8 pocket printer and since that moment I played around with its capabilities, from printing sudokus to invoice copies.
  2. A few days ago I bought a pair of Hi-Space minidiscs with a J-Type jewel case included. I checked the website http://minidisccover.com and tried to create my own cover for a symphonic compilation, but the result with the website is completely awful, to say the least. Problem found, solution created. Using the specifications from BandCDS.co.uk, I used the measures to create the labels to develop a template with full control over the objects. I uploaded here with the hope to help others to avoid the pain of that site. The files are in PSD and Affinity Publisher format. I couldn't
  3. The Web MiniDisc Application is far more stable than Platinum MD in my computer. I don't care about the lack of groups, it transforms my FLAC's with no hassle. Will this be compiled for offline mode someday? That would be great!
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