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  1. @trott3r @kgallen So to update this post I got myself a Sont MZ-R30. I have it working, waiting on a replacement battery and external battery case (got the charger already) Been happy with the R30 and it's really nice MD player/recorder Thank you for helping me on the topic of the post and I am happy to be a part of this community. -Tuukka aka SiG
  2. Yes I know that as I have a MD player so I know to look for one that really has the record function too. I'll be sure to update her when I get a deck or portable MD-player/recorder.
  3. Yeah they seam to have great build quality but thay are price for me tbh.
  4. @kgallen MZ-N707 and MZ-N505 looks to be nice looking machines and tbh not so bad prices what I found with a quick search. Thanks for the suggestions and I'll be sure to take a look at some decks if there are any cheep and good ones or then I'll just go with some portable recorder/player.
  5. Hello I was wondering has anyone any experience with the Sony MZ-R900 and is it good for listening and especially recording MDs. I am looking for a MD-recorder so I could record some MDs of my own and I am not sure what to get or is there any difference based on the model I use/get. I am asking about this particular model 'coz I have seen it go cheap on ebay, but I do take recommendations and tips of any good models to check. Thanks in advance -Tuukka Hokkanen
  6. I can't find any external battery cases in the MiniDisc Accessories Browser.
  7. Hello I was wondering if someone knew what is the specific type of AA-Battery case Panasonic SJ-MJ88 uses. In the User Manual it shows that there is a possibility to use one, but it is in japanese so I have no idea does it say what kind to use. If anyone could tell me what kind to use it would be really helpfull. Thanks in advance. -Tuukka Hokkanen
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