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  1. 12 hours ago, adamkkk said:

    Just tested Web Minidisc Application on my Sony MZ-NH700/NH800 with Chromium on MacOS Catalina system 10.15.4.

    First test: NetMD disc with SP/LP2 tracks:

    Positives - NetMD is discovered, plays, renames discs and adds files.

    To do:  - as mp3 was added to an existing disc, it does not recognise which track it is and plays a different track.

    Second test: HiMD disc with .HMA (disc is TDK MD80 converted to HiMD)

    Positives - HiMD disc is discovered and you can add songs as mp3 mode without any conversion.

    To do: the freshly added song is not visible in the TOC, thus it cannot be played. Yet the file is still there, which means that your surplus MD discs can be a "secret" USB disc with files. Few people can realise that you can keep .txt or .docx files on an MD. After MD80 conversion to HiMD it has 305.9MB for storage.

    It would be nice to work with HiMD discs with 1GB storage and add playable tracks as with SP/LP2/LP4 discs.

    Keep  up good work!



    I am able to get MD mode working fine, but not hiMD mode. could you provide more info on your setup? mine would show 'request interface implements a protected class'

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