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  1. Hey thanks for taking a look, I really appreciate it. What do you reckon, is it worth trying to fix it or should I return it for a refund?
  2. hi thanks for your answer! I have cleaned the head with a swab and alcohol. I have tried multiple discs, I have tried different batteries and plugged on AC adaptor. The discs are ARTAC, I'm not sure what a CD disc is in this context. I have tried to it with and without headphones. The display screen works well, I can access the whole menu except the the EDIT section (BUSY appears when I try to enter ). There is constantly rotating disc as you mentioned. I'm attaching a video that might give you a better idea of noise . thanks again! VID_20200605_132547.mp4
  3. Hi I've recently got an MZ-S1 off of ebay. The seller says it was working fine before shipping it and it does look in mint condition but when I try to read a disc it seems to be stalling and never starts playing it. It does recognize when there's no disc inside but nothing happens when I insert one, just a low whirring sound. Anybody can help? Thanks!
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