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  1. Unfortunately I am travelling for work this week and will have a look come the week-end. However I can say that during the repair I did not remove part 155, but did remove the screw securing it to install an earth line. If it is present and just out of adjustment that should be no issue, and even if it is missing completely (although there were no 'left over bits' other than the old belt after the replacement) I think from the supplied pictures I could fabricate one.
  2. Quick update, I followed the instructions about removing the top cover of the optical drive and allowing the unit to reset ... and it worked! Everything now is working except the drive mechanism won't open the slider to reveal the disk (once again something new, and I assume related to how I restored the drive cover after resetting). But I'm cutting my losses and just opening the disk before I insert it, something I have been doing for a few years now with the MD player in my car.
  3. Hi, Looks like I have the same problem, I recently replaced the eject belt on my JE440 following the many youtube guides. However when I had it back together and plugged in the machine goes to standby and no further. I can't get it to turn on with the facia button, remote, or by trying to load an MD. I followed the on line instructions carefully and everything unplugged (two data cables) has been carefully reattached. The only thing I noticed in my machine did not have an earth wire connecting the optical drive to the chassis that was present in all clips I watched? Any advice on what I may have done wrong would be appreciated as I don't want to throw the unit away? In the mean time I will have a go at removing the top of the drive and see if it resets.
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