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  1. Thanks again for all your help on this! You really helped a lot! Gareth
  2. I agree. Deck works fine, except when wiping discs. Gets stuck on the TOC writing.. It's all very strange... Not sure what else I can do? Aside from erasing discs in my portable recorder first. Anything else to try? or am I just stuck with this? Thanks again for all your help on this. Gareth
  3. Thanks again. Here are my answers: A. Yes you are correct and I can play back the recorded track. B. Yes, you are correct. No sure if the discs were recorded on the same machine? That should not make a difference should it? I bought a job lot of discs from ebay and I'm recording over them. When using my portable MD recorder there are zero issues, all works. only issues when using the deck... Do you think it is the discs rather than the machine? Gareth
  4. OK, just opened the machine. When placing in a disc with music on it and erasing it, then ejecting it. the screen says "TOC Writing", but the disc is not moving and the write head does not engage. But... When recording one track the a blank disc and ejecting, "TOC Writing" appears, the disc spins and ejects without issue. Then re-inserting the disc and doing an all erase then works... its very weird. It seems to be when only putting in a disc that already has music on it and doing and all erase this happens. the disc does not spin. Any ideas? Gareth
  5. Thanks for you response! To answer your questions: 1. When recording, Yes I do see seconds ticking, and yes it does take the same time as the track/disc. Recording works normally, its just the TOC writing that causes the issue. 2. Yes taking a blank disc and changing only one character causes the same issue. 3. Leaving the deck in TOC writing just runs and runs. the TOC writing never ends. I have left it for 20mins or so, it just keeps going... 4. I haven't opened the machine up yet, but plan on doing so... thanks for your help so far! Any thoughts as to what maybe wrong? Gareth
  6. I have a MDS-JB940 minidisc deck. Having an issue wilt TOC writing. issue is: 1. when I complete recording a disc and eject, TOC writing will occasionally lock up the machine. Only option is to unplug it, which ejects the disc and is then blank. 2. whenever I completely erase a disc and eject it, TOC writing will always lock up the machine. Only option is to unplug it, which then ejects the disc, and has not been erased. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Other than this TOC issue, the machine works fine... Thanks, Gareth
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