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  1. Hi - not sure this will be of any interest, but came across these new old stock Case Logic carry cases on Ebay UK for the princely sum of £4 delivered! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CASE-LOGIC-NEOPRENE-MP3-MINIDISC-PHONE-CASE-MDC1-GREY/380473294332?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Just received mine and very pleased - so much so I've bought a couple more as I've recently picked up a two minidisc players on Ebay which don't have cases. I've no connection to the seller but thought it might help someone out as minidisc cases of any description generally seem crazy expensive.
  2. Thanks. Very happy with the sound so will definitely be keeping the spare tascam, at least until I'm happy there still isn't an issue with the other one. Will then see how I feel. It's currently on top of my wardrobe which seems a waste in the long term.
  3. Ok just to update for anyone who encounters this problem in the future. Following Kevin's advice I looked for some kind of gear that raises the record head and / or operates the eject mechanism. Couldn't see anything like the two gears at the rear of the unit that moves the sled left and right, but noticed that if it was recording, when I stopped the recording there was some movement on the right side of the mechanism (as you look at it from the rear). I seems the eject mechanism is on the outside of the right hand side of the mechanism's metal case. I attached a picture which you can hopefully see. I basically just pushed that entire bit in the left hand side of the picture back towards the rear and this operated the eject mechanism and the MD was free. Simple when you know how! In terms of the offending MD, its just a standard BASF 74 minute disc. I think I acquired it used many years ago when I purchased a second hand portable, and as far as I can recall have never used it before. On closer inspection I have noticed the sticker on the top of the disc has started to lift slightly which was causing the issue when trying to put it into a portable. Once stuck back down it goes in without issue. Whether this caused the original problem I don't know. I've attached a pic but have now put it back in the bin to be on the safe side. I've now hooked up the Tascam to my stereo and it is playing back an MD without issue as I speak. I also tried a short recording and this was fine - no issue with writing the TOC or ejecting the MD. I'll be testing it further over the next few weeks to make sure there isn't an underlying problem with the mechanism. Thanks to everyone for their help, especially Kevin for putting me on the right track. Mark.
  4. Thanks Kevin, following your tip I managed to get the MD out! Everything seems to be working ok but will do a full test in the morning and post back here, with an explanation of what I did and pictures if I can post them here. I tried the offending MD in a portable recorder and it wouldn't even fit in the slot properly so something very wrong with it. Not sure if it was like that before or is due to its experience in the tascam, but needless to say I've binned it. Mark.
  5. Thanks kgallen. Unfortunately the pulling plug method doesn't help, still in the same loop. I've found the service manual online but no mention of a service mode! I've had the lid off previously and tried winding the white gears but whilst I could get the head(?) moving along it just reached the end and then stopped. Didn't want to apply to much force mind. What does OWH stand for?
  6. Hi - no the problem is I can't get the disc out. The deck seems stuck in a loop where if I press eject its tries to write the TOC and I then get a 'rec error!!' message. The MD is not ejected and when I press eject again it goes through the same loop. I'm hoping its a corrupt disc but difficult to test that theory if I can't get it out!
  7. Well, those of you who advised me to hold on to both units have been vindicated already as I'm already having problems with one! After several days of use without issue I recorded a couple of tracks to an MD I'd not used in some time. All seemed will until I came eject the disc - I then got a 'UTOC writing' message with the MD whirring away for a minute or two then got a 'rec error!!' message. This happens whenever I try and eject the MD so its stuck in there. I seem to be able to record to the MD without issue but it doesn't seem to be able to write the TOC correctly to allow me to eject the disc. Popped the top off and everything looks ok but reluctant to mess with it too much. Anyone any advice? Does the MD-350 have a service mode to enable me to force it to eject the MD? I'm hoping its just a corrupt disc but fear the worse...
  8. Now got it working on Android - there was an issue with my mobile which has now been resolved. Think I will quit whilst I'm ahead! Thanks for the help and for the great app.
  9. Ah. ok thanks I wasn't aware of that. No doubt that will explain the write issues I was having with Windows 10. Not helped with Ubuntu or Android though. I'll keep trying...
  10. Hi Stefano - great work on the app. I was seriously thinking about selling on my NetMD recorder as it is the least favorite of my portables and its NetMD functionality hasn't been used in the best part of a decade. Glad I hung onto it now! I've had partial success on various devices / Operating Systems with the app: Ubuntu - couldn't get it to work as I couldn't for the life of me work out what I was meant to do with the files on Github guidance: https://github.com/cybercase/webminidisc which give me user access to the device. If anyone can enlighten me on what I'm meant to be doing I'd be grateful as ideally Ubuntu would be my first choice. Windows 10 - borrowed my daughter's Windows 10 laptop and it worked although did get some errors when transferring files. Android - I can connect and edit track names using my mobile phone running Android 10 but when I try to transfer tracks I get a 'unable to complete previous operation due to low memory' message. Tried it on a Fire HD8 tablet as well but that couldn't even see the minidisc recorder - think this is to do with the Fire HD's support (or lack of it) for the OTG cable. So happy I can edit track names etc but would love to get file transfer working on either Ubuntu or Android. Any advice gratefully received. FYI I'm using a Sony MZ-N510 NetMD recorder. Cheers
  11. Thanks all - food for thought. I'll definitely not rush into selling it and take a view once the initial euphoria of getting hold of these units at a bargain price has worn off!
  12. Thanks both, I had a feeling this would be the response! I'll think about it over the next few weeks. Whilst I am tempted to keep it I do think these machines need to be used and enjoyed rather than sat in the back of a cupboard, so I may end up selling. Selling it would also put me in my wife's good books!
  13. Hi all - some advice please. By a stroke of good fortune I have come into possession of TWO Tascam MD-350 decks, plus a Sony MDS-JE520 deck. I've already put the Sony up for sale on Ebay as most of my recordings are in LP2 (the Sony pre-dates MDLP), and I'm planning on keeping one of the Tascams for myself. My dilemma is what to do with the other one - should I keep it as a back up, or sell it on for a nice quick profit? The Tascam I'm planning to keep did have an issue when first switched on as there was a MD stuck inside, but having opened it up and fiddled with the mechanism a bit I was able to eject it and it seems to be working fine now. I think the mechanism got stuck as apparently these decks hadn't been used for five years or so. Both Tascams are in pretty much pristine condition. I do have 3 Sony portable recorders so if the Tascam does break I will still have equipment to play my MDs on - its just the Tascams are so damn pretty and sound so good I'm thinking I should keep them both! Any thoughts gratefully received....
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