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  1. Understand your advice but getting a LPM is out of my league thats why i have to rely on the ballpark IOP value printed on the pickup. Thanks for your input!
  2. Hi Kevin and NGY, Thanks for the replies and suggestions. So far I have tried to look for other service manuals such as the MD-301 but only can find the MD-CD1 that mentioned about the service mode (shown in Kevin's post) I also tried the "Stop+play+ready" as suggested by NGY but failed. I have been in the mood to replace the faulty optical pickup for both my Sony MDS-JB940 and Tascam MD-350. The Sony is much easier to replace and adjust the laser power value in the service mode. I do not have a laser power meter to make accurate adjustments and hence just relying on the setting
  3. Hi, Does anyone knows how to get into the test or service mode? I can't find it in the service manual. Many Thanks!
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