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  1. Thanks zzzuppp. For my purposes this time (i.e. interview, not music), MP3s worked fine but I'll experiment with .aiff as well. Thanks for the tip.
  2. I gathered this info from various internet sites before transfering audio interviews on Sony HI MD discs to MP3 format. I used my obsolete Sony portable minidisc recorder MZ-M10 to transfer files via my ten-year-old 13" MacBook, running OS X El Capitan (10.11.6). The Sony proprietary software for converting the files, Hi-MD WAV Importer no longer worked, so I had to find another solution. This is how I transferred the files (August 2020): * Download and instal Audacity 2.3.3. software. Go to: > Transport > Transport Options > Tick Software Playthrough so can hear recording on Macbook as it is played * On MacBook , go to: > System preferences > Sound > Under Use audio port for, change Sound Output to Sound Input. Adjust volume as needed. * Use 3.5 Mini Stereo Audio Cable to connect one plug to output on my Sony portable minidisc recorder MZ-M10 (headphone jack) and other plug to headphone jack on my MacBook, previously switched to Input. * Test and adjust sound first by playing files on MD recorder. In Audacity: > Click to start monitoring > When ready, hit the Red record button and Stop. * My interviews weren't as loud as I wanted, so before saving I amplified them: > Select All (Command + A) > Effect > Scroll down to Amplify * I saved both MP3 and Audacity file formats. To save as MP3: > File > Export as MP3 > Name and save > To play, I opened them in iTunes To save as an Audacity file (so you can edit the file later) > File > Save Project As > Name and save Hope this helps!
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