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    Thank you for the precious information. I will proceed carefully as advised.
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    Yes; speed and space are my main concern. This is a technical project to improve on the machine's main performance, which will be greatly increased by the SSD, and also silence in order to film. The systems that are supported on this machine and that will be used are 1/ Windows XP lite 2/ Puppy Linux 4.3.1(installation procedure described here: https://sonyvaio-gt1.blogspot.com ) - The usage is for filming (not so frequently), mainly, as linux offers great backup possibilities to the machine to NTFS external firewire hard drives. When it comes to BIOS support, the current system supports 60Gb, over the 20Gb of the original model, and 192Mb or Ram. Any information concerning the CPU fan? It is quite noisy in this machine and I would like it to be replaced as well if possible. Thank you already and than you in advance!
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    Hi, I want to upgrade the hard drive of my legacy Vaio pcg gt1 to a pata 128Gb. Do I need an adaptator to plug it in or will it be connectable as is? Also I’d like to change the ventilator, how can I obtain the specifications for it? Thank you in advance
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