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  1. Yeah, I was afraid it could be more expensive to get it repaired when I don't know what I'm doing- and it might cost more than another used deck. I was thinking about going with a 530 or even a 630. I wasn't sure if the 520 had the same drive but I guess this answers my question. It's such a shame that this deck's laser no longer is powerful for recording (at least playback will work fine for now!) as I really liked the aesthetic of this deck. Thanks for the tips too, I'll keep that in mind when shopping for a new deck Thank you for your help! I'll be sure to go back to the forums if I have any more questions
  2. Okay, I understand now. This is an issue more toward the laser and not the OWH head if i'm right? Would it be cost worthy to replace the laser or should I just buy another deck? I picked this up used a few months ago and haven't had any issues (other than the plagued drive eject mech, which is common in every model that has this mech). I will try to see if increasing the laser strength will do anything, as I do not have a laser power measurer, only a multimeter ;). Thank you so much for your knowledge! This has been an incredible experience Edit: Finished testing the 1-3 increase on the 7.0mW and to nobody's surprise... it failed. Poor laser had a good life.
  3. Okay, here are my findings. Inner Section: Pre-recorded disc: C1=0000-0084 AD=-- N910 recorded disc: C1=0000-0032 510 recorded disc (just for fun): C1=2910-5496 AD=00 Middle Section: Pre-recorded disc: C1=0000-0013 AD=-- N910 recorded disc: C1=0000-0030 AD=00 510 recorded disc: C1=0010-0040 AD=00 Outer Section: Pre-recorded disc: C1=0000-0020 AD=-- N910 recorded disc: C1=0000-0051 AD=00-01 510 recorded disc: C1=7350 AD=00 (this number did not change at all) LPWDR CHECK: LD 0.9mW $11, LD 7.0mW $91 However, when I try to play the disc I recorded earlier on my 510, it will no longer read on either decks. The disc will still play back 100% fine on my N910, which is strange. I am very baffled, and miffed as to what is actually causing the problem. -- Just tried to record on my 510 again with a blank disc and now I am getting "Retry - Retry Error" back and forth. The disc will not spit out either. Tried recording to it in my 501 and it records fine. I feel like the write head is failing or beginning to fail.
  4. Looking at the SM for the 510 sect 5-1, it only gives precautions to not stare directly into the laser, no instructions. I'm not sure where to go with this!
  5. Okay, I have just tried to format a disc in my MDS-501 and all is successful. I put it in the 510 to try to record. Successful record, however playing back does the same issues. Putting it in my 501 doesn't even recognize the disc and gives me "Disc Error". My N910 reads the disc 100% fine and no skips or any unusualities occur. Could you help with doing this? I have been in SM before but I wouldn't know what I'm doing and I certainly would not want to damage anything further. I have looked at the sled mech and put it into service mode to move the sled left and right and everything seemed normal. I will look for any unwanted particles however to see if this could cause problems. I have looked at the record head while it is recording and it appears everything is flat on the disc surface. I should note here that one of my Neige discs makes a horrible scratching sound when I press record on my decks. I don't know if this disc has any issues but I haven't had a disc do this to me at all ever. For my testing, I did not use the Neige disc since I didn't know if it was going to damage anything. I had a look under the OWH head and it seemed to be fairly clean, however I'm sure it could always use a good clean. I have wiped 30+ discs with this deck so I'm sure it may be dirty. Hopefully this is a simple problem and I can get my recordings to function as intended! Thank you for your help!!
  6. This started to occur 2 days ago, so I gave it a day since I figured maybe it is hot and it needs to cool down. But it did the same thing yesterday, so I had a look inside to see anything abnormal going on. I should also add the deck reads discs from discs that are recorded elsewhere just fine. Just discs that it records to it does not read correctly (I have also tried other discs too just to make sure it wasn't the disc). I also tried an older deck (MDS-501) and the same thing occurred. Constant slow skipping. I wouldn't be surprised if the write head is somehow messed up/damaged.
  7. Hi, My MDS-JE510 has a weird recording issue. When recording to a disc, it records with seemingly no problem. However, when you go to play the disc back, it begins to skip. I have had the record function work before without any problems. When I put the same disc in my MZ-N910 and my other portable (Panasonic SJ-MJ100), the disc plays fine without any issues. I opened the unit up to see if there was anything odd going on and there did not seem to be anything weird going on. I have opened the unit up before to clean the switch with contact cleaner that has the welcome/eject issue and haven't opened it up since then. Any thoughts or ideas to whats causing this problem would be very appreciated! Thank you.
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