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  1. Hi all; First post and i hope i have this request inthe right place. OK, i have been given a Sony CDP-CX 571 CD player. This unit is one of the smaller player ( 50+1 cd's )that sony sold as a mega storage player. This unit while it works fine , once the door closed micro switch is closed !!. The problem is the door is missing,that's how this unit was given to me and i am after another door OR a complete front with the door still attached. The display on my unit and all of the buttons the the front execution still work, so i can transfer over those parts, with no problems. I'm retired now and used to repair televisions in the day, so transferring the parts over is a no brainer for me. I have tried Sony Australia and was told that the unit is now too old and parts are no longer available. Things like lasers or belt, no problems to get hold of, even the remote control is not impossible I have tried a couple of other forums / E-bay and trying to see what is out there. There are quite a few of these players on the market, but the cost of shipment to Australia at the present time certainly out ways the cost of what I'm prepared to pay. So I'm hoping that some like minded person may be able to help me out and save yet another piece of equipment going into landfill. The Sony p/n for the door is x-4948-048-1 The p/n for the front execution is 4-987-877-21 I do hope some one out there can help me, willing to pay cost of the parts and shipment to Tasmania Australia
  2. Stephen Gorin

    Sony CDP-CX572

    Hi all; My first post. Me being a retired electronic teck and have been given a sony multi cd player and what I'm looking for any one who has a Sony CDP-CX 571 50+1 cd player, not working and is willing to sell me a couple of parts off the player. I'm looking for the drop down door that is used to load the CD disks into the carousel. This door is missing and while i can fool the meck into thinking the door is closed the player works fine and will shuffle and play the disks ok. Sony no longer carry the spare parts ( to old ). The other way would be if someone had a complete front including the door. All of the buttons, play,pause, shuffle etc are ok as is the display pcb, so i could transfer over the corresponding parts. The sony part number for the door is X-4948-048-1 Lid assy. I have tried sony's spare parts authorized seller ( speedy spares in Melbourne Australia ) and no longer available, same with sony direct. I'm hoping someone on this forum can help as it seems a waste to send the player off to landfill
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