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  1. Oxidised ribbon cables! That is also possible, MDS je530 is now good again? Is a nice deck the je 530 I have 2 and 5 Kenwoods DM 5090, 4 for parts.
  2. https://www.manualslib.com/download/1067254/Sony-Mds-Je530.html .Is there no way to move the laser pickup from the calibration menu? How strange that your LP1 is not working properly. This is not funny
  3. I have yet to try this too. It could be a problem. I have to remove writing head to get to the laser. I own a Kenwood dm5090 there is a bit more space for the Laser. Watch out for your eyes, buy good laser glasses 780 NH. It is a pity that the SONY MD-LPM1 measuring disc is no longer available, the SANWA LP1 Laser Power Meter is a lot smaller but also a lot more expensive, the uni-t is a lot cheaper 100 euros but the measuring can be a problem. I'll have to test it
  4. Hello Greetings to everyone If this is not a nice meter, it is also affordable. UNI-T UT385 Laser Power Meter Laser wavelength measurement range: 400nm ~ 1100nm The standard switchable value of laser wavelength: 520nm, 633nm, 650nm, 780nm I purchased this meter. I have yet to try it ,?
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