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  1. I too thought, among other things, of some oxidized mass among those that dot the device but I discarded the idea almost immediately because just last week I disassembled the mechanics to change the disc loading belt (Sony spare 4 -227-025-01) for the usual disc not coming out problem. To do this, I unplugged and reattached all the earth cables and the device, immediately after, worked perfectly for six consecutive days. Yesterday, after recording a program from the tuner, the noise in play came out. Mah ... I hope I have resolved definitively.
  2. Thanks for welcoming me to the forum. It's incredible! I had already disassembled the main board convinced of having to change at least some electrolytic capacitors, then, to try what NGY suggested, I reassembled the main board ... and now the problem has disappeared: now the deck records regularly from any input. I don't know what to think ... maybe it was the fault of an electrostatic charge induced by the dust, maybe some strange metallic contact of the supports on which the main board rests, maybe some demonic possession ... but now it works. I'm not too happy though ... I wouldn't want th
  3. Hello everyone. I have a recording noise / hiss problem on my MDS JB980: as soon as I press the rec button from the line / headphone outputs there is a strong white noise / hiss and, low in the background, the input audio. The problem is present on any input (analog, optical, coaxial) and also in the passband (ie simply pressing the rec button, with no disc in the drawer, as is always done to adjust the recording levels). Unfortunately, since I don't have other minidisc machines or pre-recorded discs, I don't know if the problem is present even in read-only mode. If, in rec, I lower the record
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