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    Old Vaio VGN-B1VP

    Hi, I'm no expert on PC,s I've too many other things to do. I have this old Vaio as described above. It's not been used for years and the battery may not be so good, although it's showing 100% charged at the moment. The PC got 'overrun by the amount of data on it circa 2010, so I bought a new Vaio with a 500GB HDD, which I am using now I've already bought a new 80GB hard drive for the PC, but have not installed it yet. I also intend to upgrade the RAM to 1GB. Basically what are your thought's on using the PC for the best vehicle analysing software I can afford, and also using it for data such as workshop and gardening. It's running XP at the moment, which I read is, on the net by a German Gentleman, the best system for vehicle analysing software. I have been unable to connect to my IP provider yet, but that might be a good thing at the moment because the anti virus does not exist, and the wireless LAN is switched off. Regards, CEGB. .
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