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  1. Hello! I have a strange recording problem with my E11. It seems to read any disk just fine, better than others. Recordning on new (unused) discs seems to work fine. Used discs can fail. A lot of dropouts. Sometimes other players cannot play the track at all. I tried recording five 10 second tracks in a row, leaving recording mode between each. Three of them could be played on another player, two could not. Took it apart for a look. Visually all looks ok. The magnetic head rests on the disc during record. And it is clean. Also measured the voltage related to the laser diode
  2. Ok, then that should not be it... The thing I glued back is the laser pickup. Probably i got this a small amount off or maybe some glue got in the wrong place. Tried to pry it apart again to check but that darn glue really works... Or maybe something else is broken. I don't have its history. How come the pickup was broken loose in the first place...? Oh well, I will keep it for parts. Thanks for answering! By the way, did you test the software, kgallen?
  3. ...and if I find a new laser for it, is there a chance to make it work with common tools like oscilloscope and stuff, or do I need special laser tools and that special disc?
  4. Ok, I got this cheap together with a lot of discs and a portable. And a car player. When I started it there was a rattling noise. That can't be good... Opened it up and the lens could not get back to the home position, it was the motor/gear that rattled. A few careful pokes and I could get the stuck disc out by turning some sprockets manually. Starting it now still made the lens gears rattle, so I took it apart some more. Had to lift the PCB from the back of it and there.... Some thingy was loose. It was supposed to be glued to the case of the laser module with two red drops of
  5. You should be able to use this to clone it all... Let me know if it does not work. git clone https://JonasElofsson@bitbucket.org/JonasElofsson/md_editor.git (You can also look at the code by just clicking the link above, it seems) Never shared using git so I am not sure this works. But it should be an open repository. Just open it in the free version of Visual Studio. I use 2018, I think. Or, if you just want to test it: http://jonase.se/MD_Application.exe Best regards, Jonas
  6. ...and when it comes to cables... I found a bought female-female 9-pin nullmodem cable, and that just worked ( 2<->3, 3<->2, 5<->5 at least). Not sure if rts/cts and the others need connecting at the PC end, but I dont think so. I use a Deltaco UC-232C9.
  7. Most USB-RS232 adapters should work. I have run into problems here at work when communicating with older robot controllers using RS232 and some USB-RS232 converters. After some investigation they seem to add a linefeed after carriage return or the other way around, and that makes protocols like this crash... Driver problem!
  8. Yes. I have not checked anything in yet. I really should do that... I will post a Git link, probably late tonight. Best regards, Jonas
  9. Small update... As you can see I am not a graphics person. But it works so far. The deck can be controlled by the buttons top right and you can also play a track using the number button in the list. Buttons for writing updated track name, delete track, move track etc will be added shortly. :-)
  10. Worked a bit on this yesterday evening and I now am through the specification. Removed some bugs, optimized a bit... The code is still crappy and probably a few bugs are still lurking around, but now it works good enough to start making the real application. I will try to resolve annoying bugs along the way. :-)
  11. Haha, no problem whatsoever. =) I hope I will get my hands on an E12 too, soon. :-)
  12. Ah, I see... So you would like a sw that first performs the recording (you can do this yourself manually, of course, but using SW is cool) and then transfer the disc and track names. Should be possible. The problem is I don't have two machines to test with, but with some luck we can make it work anyway without too many problems. We will see when I get that far. :-)
  13. Or, of course, read the names from one disc and write them to another on the same machine. :-)
  14. Ah, you mean.... Attach two E12's and make it copy the track names from E12-1 to E12-2? Yes, why not? :-)
  15. =D Bought one of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Coax-Coaxial-to-Optical-2-Way-Toslink-SPDIF-Digital-Audio-Converter-Adapter/173764038542?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Looks a bit small but the goal is to have it remove the copy protection while keeping the look. Might be hard to find a generic FPGA board that fits in there... In either case I should be able to use the PCB for easy connecting to an FPGA.
  16. ...and I don't think it can be controlled in the E11. And my other machines are consumer machines, so they will need an eliminator if I want to copy anything more than once. :-)
  17. Ah, cool! You figured out the Elektor state machine! Well done. :-) Designing that state machine must have been a real engineering job. :-)
  18. Ah. My next FPGA project will probably be a copy-bit eliminator. ;-) We will see how that turns out....
  19. And, what do you want to do with two linked E12?
  20. I thought of the Arduino, too... :-) I'm not sure what I would use it for, though. Making an answering machine is kind of out of date. :-) But I did think of making a jukebox. A 3d-printed mechanism to change discs would not be THAT hard, would it? A carousel with 50 discs should be no problem. And then an Arduino to control it all. :-) Perhaps with two players to have it play more or less without wait between songs. Will never have time for this, but cool it would be. Running the code I'm writing now on a Pi CAN be done using, for example, Mono. I'm not sure how the serial port will wor
  21. I have not implemented the special version of the COMBINE commands for the E12, but the rest should work! And when the rest DOES work we can try to get the COMBINE to work with the E12 too if you are willing to test (perhaps a few times). :-)
  22. Continues work.... Only 4 commands left now (mostly naming), but there might be a few more responses left than that. I can read status, disc name, track names and their length, etc... The specification is full of bugs, and probably my code is too. :-) The last command i made was "read all names". It should reply with disc name and then all track names in the same manner as when asking for them individually. Disc name is ok, but the track names are just not working. First I thought I might have a buffer underrun using the COM port (9600 bps should be slow enough, though...) but then i noticed p
  23. Hello! That is a few commands ahead from where I am now, but most likely that would be very easy to do once I get through the specification. :-) Best regards, Jonas
  24. No, it actually was an error in the specification. They messed that one up... (Just to confuse the Russians, perhaps... Worked on Swedes too) Looking in the "command quick reference" gave a clue to how it should be, and now it works. :-) Commands are getting more complex now, but I will get it done. Once done with this I will make an application that fits my needs (splitting, combining, naming etc) and then I will release the source (a GIT somewhere) for anyone to add functions or use as they want. Best regards, Jonas
  25. I got a decent USB to RS232 adapter and plugged it in. It seems to work fine. Wrote some code to make it play, stop, ffwd, rev, pause.... Working my way through the specification, currently at 6.22. Can't make Divide Adjust work. It makes the divide instead of adjusting. Probably me. :-) Just to let you know something is happening. Best regards, Jonas
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