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  1. Thank you for the reply. Yes, the simptoms are the same. I checked the "open" switch and the "half lock" and they are both ok. It looks like the CPU finds something wrong and refuses to turn on the player. The question is, what's wrong? Any other check I can do?
  2. Hello everybody. I've got an MZ-G750 without remote and accessory. The unit refuse to turn on, I've tried with fresh battery and external power as well. No sign of life. Then I've put the device in test mode by shorting the jumper and the player got life, or sort of. I could run some test routine. Keyboard test looks good, I've some error in the self diagnosis results. First error is 04 then I have a 03 and another 04. I've tried the self adjustment for MD (with a disk in it) and the player performed all the steps including the 20 second write test. In conclusion the player should turn on but I can't figure out what is preventing to do so. Can someone give me some hint? Best regards, Francesco.
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