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  1. @bearboy i don’t have one. It stopped asking when i upgraded to Windows 10. I’d like to find an economical way to get windows 10 on it once it’s back up. It came with Windows 8 sadly.
  2. @sfbp I’ll try that. I’m not seeing any repair disks on eBay. I was thinking of getting one along with putting in a new HDD.
  3. @sfbp I took the damaged HDD out. When I start up using the “Assist” button I get the options where I can get into the Bios. I’m not sure how to try to boot from the SSD. I don’t have a backup because I was having trouble with it and was working on it when the HDD went down. I dropped the Laptop and it killed the drive. Does Sony sell an install disk where I can either upgrade to Windows 10 or downgrade to Windows 7? It came with the horrendous Windows 8. Not sure what all I need to get to fix it. The Specs on this VAIO make it worth repairing and potentially upgrading.
  4. Good morning, My VAIO HDD is dead. It has both a HDD and a 1TB SSD. Besides the HDD what do I need to buy to get this operational? When I bought it new in 2013 or 2014 it had Windows 8 on it which I upgraded to Windows 10 during the “free upgrade window” Microsoft had. I’m trying to determine if I should repair or replace and what the total cost would be to repair. The laptop is in phenomenal condition cosmetically. Besides the HDD what do I need to purchase? Is there a VAIO disk that installs all of the Sony items on top of Windows? Can I just download Windows 10 or do I need to buy it? If everything I need is on the SDD how do I access the partition to reinstall everything? Ive looked around the laptop and apparently my Windows key sticker fell off. your help is truly appreciated!
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