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  1. Use SUPER, it's freeware and will convert virtually any video format you would want. I use the following settings: Container: MP4 Codec: MPEG-4 @ 384kbps Audio: AAC @ 96 kbps (using ffmpeg to encode) http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html
  2. Never considered using sync on media player, as I don't use it as a player but it seems to have done the trick, thanks a lot for the post. Got the NWZA818 as a replacement for my nws706f as it became a pain to find songs when it had loads of music on, am delighted with the a818, absolute bargain for less than £100. Thanks again for the reply
  3. When I've put some albums on the player the tracks are not all displayed in the same album, I've used mediamonkey and mp3tag to ensure they all have identical album tags but it still doesn't put them in the same album. It's really annoying me, anyone know why this is if there is a fix for it?
  4. thanks for the info, is much appreciated. think i'll stick with mdr-nc022s, when they give up the ghost i'll invest in the ex90s unless there's something better for the money in the future. personally i don't find the 'hissing problem' too much of a problem, this is the first portable audio device that i regularly use on half volume as opposed to full with no complaints. the fact that earphones are such an important issue probably sums up how good the sound reproduction is on the new sony range, personally i'm more than impressed with the package in the box for the price, to think i was considering an ipod nano
  5. Thinking of upgrading my earphones, currently using the Sony's bundled with the NW-S706, would the Sennheiser CX300 / Shure E2G's provide a noticable improvement or should I stick with what I've got? Just a mate says his CX300's provide much better bass than the Sony NC022, but then he's using an ipod so I should probably ignore anything he says about sound quality.
  6. voxdub

    NW-S70x album art

    Just bought an NW-S706 today; very impressed with sound quality (as good as my Hi-MD player imho) and even more so with the noise reduction. Only thing that really annoyed me was having to do update all the CD info via gracenote to get album covers on my imported files. Just thought I'd let those know that don't that don't already that you can just drag and drop images onto the album icon in sonicstage and update the album art that way. It's still tiring but it's faster than updating all the CD info, at least for myself it was. Hope it helps someone out there. To be honest I don't see album art on the player being a great advantage but it's nice to put it on just because you can. Sonicstage is still a bit of a pain for me but it hasn't crashed (4.1 version) and a price i am very willing to pay for an mp3 player that has such good sound quality and battery life. regards, Matt
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