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  1. I have a Sony Vaio PCV-2236 which until quite recently has been in constant use under its native XP, but I have now concluded that this is no longer a viable option if I want it to go online. I use Linux on other computers, and have successfully installed Zorin 15 on the Vaio, but it runs way too slow. I looked around and was recommended Bodhi, and bought an installation stick. I can get the Vaio into the Options menu from the stick, but the machine freezes if I try any of the installation options. The stick does, however, work on another computer, so is not intrinsically at fault. It looks like some some of mismatch or conflict, but neither the supplier of the stick nor the Bodhi Forum have been able to diagnose it specifically. I guess the best I could hope from this group is recommendations of other ‘lite’ Linux distros which members have successfully installed on this model, or others of similar vintage. Sincerely Ian Graham Wales UK
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