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  1. Thank you Kevin and Philippe. I would prefer not to ship internationally if possible. I definitely recorded two new tracks and if I did not actually erase or record over the original audio data that would be a huge relief. In a perfect world I would love to get this recording recovered and also transferred digitally to 24 bit / 44. kHz WAV. I also have one other live recording from a show in 2007 on MiniDisc with a good TOC that I would like to get transferred digitally. I believe these are the only two shows of ours that were recorded via MiniDisc. Thank you again for all of your help. Steve
  2. Thank you Kevin. Is it possible to do the TOC cloning procedure with the MiniDisc Walkman MZ-R37 that I currently have? I did transfer the remaining tracks via analog into Pro Tools using an Apogee Duet 2 so I do have a safety copy of most of the show. Just missing the first 4 minutes or so, which was the opening song and part of song 2.
  3. Thank you sfbp. I appreciate your help. To clarify, I foolishly pushed the record slider up two separate times and each time pushed stop finishing the operation. Can't believe I did that. I need glasses. There is now a blank track 1 that is about 3 minutes long and a blank track 2 which is about 1 minute long which were created. This does correlate with the length of the erased first song and part of the 2nd song from the show, which the remainder of has now moved to track 3. If I do the TOC cloning operation the original recorded performance will be intact as one track? The manual at https://www.sony.com/electronics/support/res/manuals/W000/W0007377M.pdf has me worried. Thank you again, Steve
  4. My band has an old show from 2009 recorded via a Sony MZ-R37 that I was transferring into Pro Tools tonight. I foolishly pressed up on the red record slider twice thinking it was the power button. I believe I erased the first song in the set and part of the 2nd. Is there any way to recover the beginning of that recording (which was track 1)? The rest of the show now starts at track 3. Can’t believe I am even asking this question after being an engineer and producer for 30 years. Thank you again for your time, Steve
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