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  1. Dekio

    Cpu Upgarde Sony Vaio

    Hi, its a laptop. Wikipedia says that its a G2 type of cpu. Most likely its aa I5 3210m. Which means it might be have a socket?
  2. Dekio

    Cpu Upgarde Sony Vaio

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum so, I might as well say hi :). I currently want to buy a Sony Vaio svs131c1em that has an I5 (the seller didnt specify what gen, I hope by the end of the day he'll give me more details), a gt640 LE, 8gb of ram and a 480gb SSD. I was wondering if its possible to upgrade the cpu. Does it have a socket or I might need to solder and whatnot (not really confident to be honest). Thanks in advance guys.
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