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  1. So far I've tried SonicStage 3.4, SonicStage 4.3, Web Minidisc, Platinun MD and QHiMDTransfer with no positive results, I'm going to check if there's more open source solutions, wish me luck!
  2. I wish I had one of those at hand but, no I don't :,( So, there's no way I can wipe that disk then... even with Sonicstage, no other software does the trick?? Because I don't have a faulty unit at hand neither This is so sad and frustrating... Thanks anyway for your help
  3. I have a similar issue with a MZ-NE410, is there any method to erase a write protected disc, I don't care about the music in it, everytime I try to erase, or transfer anything I get the same error, the device/media is write protected error 0000664f, isn't there any app that could help me with this? Because sonicstage 4.3 just can't
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