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  1. Thanks! So my questions now are: Is it possible to get a USB cable that will fit it? minne is missing. Will the unit run off of the USB cable if there is no battery? I was surprised it would not run off the charging stand plugged in, but it won't. Even though I wouldn't be using the battery, is the battery being present some necessary part of the circuit? If I upload the tracks to my computer, can I convert them with SonicStage? Is there no hope for the older tracks?
  2. I am pretty sure there are some of both. I had an earlier Minidisc model that did not have Hi-MD, but once I got the MZ-NH-1, I am pretty sure I was using Hi-MD. I did start using the newer discs that were Hi-MD capable.
  3. Going through some old stuff, I ran across my old MZ-NH1 and a couple dozen Hi-MD disks. I am a musician and used to use this unit to do live recordings back in the early 2000's. I would really like to go through those old recordings and hear what is there. I know there are some tracks I'd like to have. Problem: The unit is missing its LIP-4WM battery. Not sure why. It seems they are impossible to find at any reasonable price. Also, the USB cable is missing. I do have the unit itself, the wired remote control, the charging stand and the power supply for the charging stand. But it doesn't seem it will work from the charging stand without the battery. My questions are: Is there any way to access and review these disks with what I have? Would they play off the computer if I had the USB cable, but still no battery? If so, are there USB cables available? Are there other, reasonably priced players out there that will play those discs? Any other solutions come to mind? BTW, once I get access to these disks and can review them and copy what I want to MP3s, I have no use for the unit or the discs. I would give the whole lot to anyone who could solve my problem.
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