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  1. Damn, for a moment there I had hope it was something so simple. Tried that and it just flashes PC->->MD no matter what I do. Edit: I did also try with the original Sony gumstick I still have that said low battery and it still didn't make a difference, but is it worth me draining one of the replacement gumsticks i have a bit and then trying it? I swear if its something that simple that I've missed, i'm gonna feel like such an idiot, haha Edit 2: So, I ran a battery down just enough, and it actually seems to have worked. Wow, I somehow completely missed that in the manual but even then, when I originally got it a few days back when I plugged it in, it just charged without me pressing anything. Strange. But thank you @BearBoy !
  2. Hi, I excitedly bought a MZ-N910 last week as it looked to be in extremely good condition (although, in retrospect, it seems the seller was trying to hide how brittle and falling apart the power cable was by hiding it behind the plug). While initially all looked mostly fine, I plugged it into charge which originally it seemed to do without issue, before realising the plastic on the power cable was literally falling apart and exposing the wire (but it still seemed like it was charging fine) but now it just stays stuck in NetMD mode whenever I plug it in to power instead of charging at all. I've replaced the gumstick for a brand new one, as well as replacing the power adapter completely with a brand new USB ended power cable that steps down to 3V (i'm not trying to power it through the USB port on the device as I know you can't on this model) but it still straight away enters NetMD mode as soon as the power is connected. It works fine otherwise and I can go in and out of the mode when its just running off the battery. Even connecting that USB power cable into the dock sends it into NetMD mode instead of saying "Charging". I know about service mode but when I looked at all that, my mind basically melted so i'd rather avoid messing with it unless absolutely necessary.
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