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  1. @BearBoy That's true, so sad that they stop selling this product. The price of Chromecast Audio is increasing now. I am not sure if it is from what people found we can use it to create a cheap streamer or not. Here is the graph of Chromecast Audio price. It is from this video
  2. I would like to share an idea to create a cheap music streamer with an existing MD deck that we have. Main idea Use a Google Chromecast Audio device to get digital input to an MD deck. Use DAC in an MD deck to get analog output. On an MD deck, select digital input. Press record on it and start playing a source. No need to insert a disc. A display will show "XX -DA", indicating that the unit's DAC is in use. Here is an easy to understand of diagram of how it work. For me details, please visit https://mdburner.com/net-md/a-cheap-music-streamer-with-an-md-deck Thanks
  3. Not sure it is a solution that you want but I found a cheap USB to Toslink/Coaxial converter "Douk Audio Mini XMOS USB to SPDIF Coaxial Optical Converter". It uses XMOS XU208 chip and costs around 40 USD in AliExpress. I never use it but have thought to buy it. It looks interesting to me.
  4. Very nice post. I will get my friends who has all Sony Net MD decks take photos of them and put them here. He has MDS-NT1, MDS-JE780, MDS-JB980, MDS-S500. BTW, here is front has back for photos that I have https://mdburner.com/net-md/sony-net-md-decks.
  5. Hi @sfbp @kgallen I have a good news today. My friend who is good at MD hardware has fixed my NT1 already. I can find a second broken NT1 as a replacement part. The issue is from a board on MD drive, not a main board. All functions work properly now. We only need to do more recording and playing to make sure it is stable and reliable.
  6. Hello @Richard Thanks for letting me know where the origin content from, I have updated where original content from already. Please accept my apologies for this. For software/content/manual/instructions, I would like to gather these people for what we can share our resources or do something together. I don't want to duplicate work if other has already worked on it. - Admin of SonyInsider forum - specialk the creator of https://www.minidisc.wiki/ - Stefano Brilli the creator of webminidisc - Aaron from https://mdburner.com/ It would be nice if we can connect each other and do something useful to people who love MD. Thanks.
  7. Hello @sfbp @kgallen We found that the problem is about MD drive. Please check MD parts link. As you see, it has NT code in their model name but I don't know what it NT stand for. N may be "Net MD" but for T I have no ideal. Therefore, we are going to move some parts or MD drive from CMT-M333NT because it is very similar to NT1. I will update the progress with you. Thanks.
  8. @kgallen It nice to discuss with you thank. @sfbp You are right. A disc that is written with the NT1 has a table of contents and can be played in another machine (with no sound/audio). Thanks
  9. @kgallen @sfbp Thank you for your supporting. I've got a lot of useful information for fixing it with my friend. If we can fix it or find something which is useful to the community, we will post it here. Thanks.
  10. @kgallen FYI, I have just transferred a song to a disc with SonicStage successfully again. The recorded disc is completely no audio as usual. However, I can play a song from a good disc with audio by controlling from SonicStage. It seems the playing part is okay but the recording part is broken. It can record a disc, show a table of content but no audio while playing a disc.
  11. @kgallen Interestingly, today I haven't used my NT1 to connect to a computer or transfer a song to a disc at all. I only used it to play a LP4 disc and it ran for 3 hours to the end of a disc with audio. After that, I turned it off for about an hour and it can later play a disc without audio. There is no any issues for today. I can eject and insert a disc normally. I can also play a song directly from SonicStage as attached image.
  12. @sfbp Sorry to confuse you. The attached image is not my adapter, I only want to show the original adapter image and its specification. I use a replacement adapter (not a genuine) which is AC 110-220 9V 2A.
  13. @kgallen Thank you so much for useful information for diagnosis a root of problem. I must accept that I am not full understand this because I am lack of electronic background. I will transfer this value information to my friend who are good at this. Thanks again. I appreciate your help. Sorry for make confusion about "heater", I mean a high temperature on the device that can cause issue. This is because we assume that writing a disc makes a device get higher temperature which cause a problem. @sfbp FYI: - This MDS-NT1 uses an externa adapter to power it. The original adapter is 9V 0.6A (attached image to this reply) but I use a replacement one which is 9V 2A. - I can confirm that I use 64bit driver and it works with Windows 10. My computer can connect to MDS-NT1 without any issue and I can use SonicStage to write a disc. Here is the link to down a driver that I use. @kgallen@sfbp I would like to give you more information that I can play music on MDS-NT1 about 30 minutes and after that no audio again. Stop, pause and play again does not help to get audio back. It is only silent. However, turn off it for hours, I can play a disc with audio out again. Thanks.
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