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  1. i recently bought an mz-909 minidisc recorder off of ebay. it was listed as untested so i bought it cuz they usually work but this oke isnt powering on. ive put a charged battery in it and ive plugged it in. theres no acid in the battery slot and the plug seems clean. i was wondering if you guys had any ideas.
  2. thanks so much i'll try it and get back to you
  3. hey im new to this forum so i dont really know how it works. anyway, i recently bought an mz e40 off of offer up. it was working perfectly. i went to walmart and yknow just did my day to day stuff. later that evening i came back home and put my disc in to listen to music but it said no disc. i figured it was just a dirty lens so i cleaned it with alcohol and popped in my disc again. it still didn't work. i opened it up and saw there was like some white gunk on the little spiral that moves the lens. i cleaned that off and put it back together the way it was. put the disc in still no disc. i have no clue what it is. i need help. please.
  4. i like analog music

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