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  1. hi welll does rotating the outer part of headphones means rubber which surrounds the headphones if get rotaed or deform does it effect the snugy fit of the headphones and comfort no the outer rubber coating of the headphones the circular one which is required to fit the headphones snugly on the outer part of headphone u noticed i noticed that rotating the rubber coating of the headphones make them fit quiet nicely as my right ear always troubled me of mdrnc022 i m not talking abt the silicon ear bud

  2. well i have think to take mdrex85lp but i recently saw mdrex75 latest ones with 9mm driver i want to ask that which headphones are great are ex85lp are much grt and have much good frequency response than mdrex75 which one is comfortable they both are exactly of same price morever mdrex75 has got quiet good reviews does it also have nosie isolation and more comfortable then ex85lp i need noise cancelation a little bit good bass and low and hight i have see that mdrex75 can handel 6-24000khz can u tell me in detail what is this frequecy range and also which will work best with sony noise cancellationwalkman nwzs718 8 gb walkman plz reply

  3. my nwe005 is not charging means that when i put it into my pc battery indicates charging but keep on charging without any stop i man that after 1 hr it should show full it dont it jst keep on charging and player also keep on getting warm whats the problem plz reply its abt 1 year old

  4. well i faced a strange problem regarding my nwe005 that when i plug it into the usb it started chaging but does not show full i mean charging doesnot stop after 1 hr.it takes 2 3 4 hrs and battery still keeps on beeping i have used it since 1 year and hadnt faced anythis such problem its new with it whats wrong i have formatted and reset alos.was this bcoz of temprature or my bteery has gone bad.plz has anyone else faced this issue.reply plz.does it need service as its warranty has expired

  5. well i have purchased sonymdr829v well i m using with my nwe-005 well they r nice but i m getting a strange problem sometimes noise gets distorted i mean when i rotate the plug in the jack i get a little noise whats the problem is my headphones pair faulty.plz i m worried i got it from uae.

  6. hi man i tried all u r equalizer settings on my nwe005 with my bean headphones they all rock keep it up man.it made my nwe005 truely different well can u plz tell me any soft equalizer settings that i can try on my nwe005 i m really bad in equalizer settings hm i will be very glad if u send me some more cool settings that sounds at 128kbps mp3 really smooth and nice....and also for nwe005 equalizer bcoz i dont have clear bass and stereo in it.thnkx. keep on sending more cool settings.

  7. hi guys well i have nwe005 for 1 year and have come with 2.1 firware preinstalled will there be any new firmware 4 it i mean any more updates to make it ss free or more versetile i still love it any new firmware news well i am not being able to use mpeg2 layear on it

  8. hi well guys i have a nwe005 one year old now well my stock buds have died i mean one ear died wire problem can i get it fix in pakistan and if i want to take an extra headphones for my mp3 player which r they gono be well i like mdr ex71 lp 90lp but i have heard that ex71lp have noise reduction were as mdrex90lp dont have any such feture or anyother economical headphones which have good bass and good treble both.and alos noise reduction and also consumes less power and best match for e005

  9. Transferring files back to the library. Oooops, I think I posted this in the wrong place. It's software related but not about gapless - should I have started a new thread? And if so, I don't know how to re-post and delete this. Anyway. . . I keep having the same problem occur about 70% of the time. When I try and transfer files back to the library from either the 706 or 808, it goes through the motions of 'pretending' to transfer, and then when it's finished, the albums are still on the player. Even if I shut down and restart SS, and disconnect and reconnect the player - the albums are still there.

    All the tracks are still in the library and they all play, so I don't understand why SS won't transfer them back. It ends up with me having to delete the album altogether if I want to remove it from the player. Then I have to import it again, it's very frustrating. Am I doing something wrong? I know you can't transfer files back from the player if the files have been removed from the library, but in this case they're all still in the library and they all still play. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks

    well transfering to my library means that u have transfered tracks to sonicstage library and tracks are still there on the player and they r also transfered back to the pc.so if u want to have room in u r player then u shuld delete albums.but first if u dont have album backup on u r pc try transfering back and when the albums are there in sonicstage my library then delete the albums from player to make room.this is no malfunction thats the way to get back u r music without deleting from the player my trasfering to my library.

  10. well i want to ask that does the headphone gold platting wear with respect to time and does it effect the sq.bcoz i have mine for around 5 months and i have noticed that my gold platting of the headphones had started to fade withrespect to use is it normal or i clean the headphones plug with softcotton cloth occasionaly does it fade the gold platting.

  11. hm i think that u r unit is malfunction try turning of the dnormalizer bcoz it may some time also lower the volume of higher bit rates to normalize the output. well i have nwe005 and 12 is enough for me and use only sony headphones supplied with the unit to get the best results its not the unit its theother low headphones which u r using

  12. no i dont think so it have this problem even nws700 series dont have this problem this problem has been eleminated is it scratch resistant what abt controls are they all on top where is hold located.and i suggest u buy a slilcon case for it to be protecctd do uhave fm in it and how many songs u r able to fit in it.no it is not available in usa uptill now

  13. hi

    well it will be better if u use firmware 2.01 with nwe005 bcoz it als have native support for aac well fm r eception have also effect on firmware bcoz mine have 2.01 default and gets grt reception atboth modes even stero or mono. hm mine is of usa i get best reception even of pakistan fm. so i guess latest firmware is must also if u roll to previous firmware might u r nwe005 software get corrupt or damaged.

  14. its strange why u want to roll back to 2.01 i have my nwe005f preinstalled with firmware2.01 so i dont think so its possible bcoz it have some bugs which are fixed in new frimware and also aac support added. so why u want to rollback to previous firmware its strange

  15. well the shuffle picks up songs randomly and picks them on most listned songs first i mean by ratting. so i guess the mode 2 cant be done it can be done only if u prefer to select by ur self and shuffle is some thing else .well nwe01x series have mny intellegent shuffle features u can chekt the manual

    go for it

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