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  1. When I connect my NW-A828 with my laptop (using Vista Home premium) by sonicstage 4.3 it says "the connection between the device and the computer is unstable…". Who can help me now?? Thanks alot.

    If you're using the non-Japanese version, then it doesn't use SonicStage/Atrac anymore.

    You need to use Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer to drag and drop the music on your A828.

    Or you can use Media Manager, which should be on your software disc.

    Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks you three ^^^^^^^

    I'll head on over to Sony insider. Markey gave me the link a while back, but I didn't sign up because I thought we'd be using the same login details as we have here - and it wouldn't accept them. So I'm going to open a new account.

    Thanks again Ishiyoshi, Ascariss and vaiofreak :)

  3. Can't this toerag/lowlife be kicked off or have his IP address logged and reported?

    Now he's plugging child porn???? WTF???

    EDIT: I already reported his posts, but he's still here, and promoting child porn? What happened to this site?

    Doesn't anybody moderate anymore?

  4. Anyway.. I tried to reformat it to do something and it didn't work for this other thing either

    Did you format the player in Windows Explorer, or from the settings in the player menu? You didn't say.

    If you formatted it in Explorer, you shouldn't have done, and that would explain why you're having problems.

    Reset the player from the player's own settings menu, and then format it from the settings as well.

    If you've already done that, then I don't know what to suggest :blink:

    Good luck!

  5. Don't know if anyone remembers that the 808/818 could not switch albums when they were used in the Sony speaker cradle. It worked with the 70x series but stopped working for the next series. You could only switch tracks, not albums.

    Well, last week I put my 829 in the cradle to charge, and let it play while it was charging. I meant to skip a track, and 'accidentally' skipped an album. And that's how I discovered the remote is fully usable with the 82x series. So if anyone has one of the 82x models, the album flip definitely works. Now I'm glad I bought 2 of the speaker cradles when they were discounted to £40!

  6. Does anyone know where I could get a suitable earphone extension replacement for my A818 (by suitable I mean not 3M long, just similar to the one that comes with the A818) within the UK? A small slit has opened near the base of the cord, and now it won't work properly. Thankfully it was just the extension though, and not the actual earphones (otherwise i'd be really upset. They're real nice earphones!).

    I'm sure I have a spare Sony extension cable lying around. Let me have a look later and I'll let you know. It might be for the wrong earphones, but I know I have an extension for the NC022 earphones (would have to hunt them out), but not sure if the NC022 extension would fit the EX082???

  7. So I clicked on my Atraclife bookmark, and instead of bringing me here - it took me to some strange site with adverts for vitamins and other non audio-related stuff. It was like that all day. In the end I assumed that Atraclife had shut down with no warning. Even though it's quiet around here, I like the fact it still exists, and I got spooked out when I thought it had gone forever :blink:

  8. Even then, you loose the cable, but you have to carry an extra battery, watch its level and recharge it separately. And you'll usually still have a cable joining the two earpieces and the battery.

    Ohhhh, I forgot about the battery. It kind of defeats the object of portability. I hate to carry any extras around with me.

    And I wear the cable behind me too, so it's not a problem. And I guess maybe once BT phones are top quality with a minimum of 100 hours battery life (!!!), I'll have moved on to the 128 GB Sony :wave:

  9. if BT phones gets cheaper and their quality is improved then if feel BT is a nice addition .

    Stuge, that's a good point. I tend to think it I don't use/need it right now, then I'll never need it. Yeah, if the price of B/T phones comes down, and the quality is improved, then I'm future-proofed :)

  10. So the BT function:No more than a gimmick???

    I've never used it. I'm sure one day in the distant future, it might come in handy, but I don't know what for!

    If we'd had the non B/T version available here, I'd have got it. I don't like paying extra for something I won't use. At the moment, all it does is get in the way of the volume slider :lol:

  11. Juli

    What!!! Your selling your baby. Why??

    LOL!! Actually, I ordered the A726 4gb from Amazon.com and got my friend to ship it to the UK, but I thought I'd ordered the A728 (8gb). I paid $27 postage International Priority (they should re-word that lie, PRIORITY!!), and it's not worth sending back and getting another due to postage costs. I was going to keep the 8gb (which is big enough to fit my favourites on), and sell the 829 as I don't need the silly B/T!

    Anyway, I'm going to sell the 726 on eBay, (the version without B/T), and keep the 829. Stupidly, I got the guy to take it out of the original packaging to cut down on shopping costs, worked like a charm... not! I do still love my baby, I was just going to swap it for a new smaller baby :)

  12. Stuge, this is a bit of a problem for me since my other half is too mean to buy CDs and either copies mine as soon as I get them, or downloads them in a big batch from some dubious site. Our ISP (Virgin), is one of the ones cracking down on illegal downloads, so if he gets thrown off, so do I. And I'm not doing anything wrong. It's like being back at school when you all get detention because of one 'naughty' person. I have spoken to him about it, but he's convinced it's all talk and that nothing will come of it. If I get kicked off because of him, there's going to be big trouble!! :blink:

    I don't see why I should be punished when I'm doing everything the legitimate way. That's not to say I've never downloaded anything, but it's always been stuff that's been discontinued and is not available to buy anymore. Whenever possible, I always buy the CD as I like to see it on my shelf :)

  13. In that case I will try downloading SS 4.3. Where is a safe website to get that from? thank you!! :)

    Try this link. It's from Sony itself, so there should be no problems at all.

    Just remember to create a restore point first!! It's a good idea to create a restore point before you make any changes to your computer, like downloading software, or drivers etc. It just gives you a 'working' point to go back to if there are any problems. And let us know if the updated SS fixes the issues!!


  14. emlin, I'm using Vista too and it's been fine using SS 4.3. When you say your computer died from downloading too many things, do you mean it stopped working altogether? Were you on a different computer? Maybe you had buggy/conflicting software, there's no reason a computer should die from downloading. If you're worried about it, just create a restore point before you install 4.3. That way, if there are any problems, you can simply revert back to how it was before. I can't think of anything else other than to try the latest version of SS. Sorry.

    EDIT: I just read your first post again and saw you were on an old computer. I don't know what 'tuneup' is, but when I downloaded tunebite (or something like that), it took over all my audio files. I had to get rid of the software.

    I honestly don't think the lastest version of SonicStage will cause any harm to your computer at all.

    You just have to be careful of what you download, since there's all types of rubbish that can mess with your computer. Like I said, just create a restore point before you install 4.3.

  15. from where please?

    Are you happy buying from eBay? I bought my second Zune from there, of course there's no warranty since it's not officially for sale outside the US yet. But eBay is a good way to buy stuff that's not available in your country.

    If you don't mind an 829 that's 2 months old, and quite literally like new, not a single mark on it, I'm putting mine in the FS forum over the weekend. I got it from Amazon.co.uk and there's no volume limiter on it!

  16. Hi Shirley, I love my 16GB Sony despite losing a lot of features from the the 808. My main gripe was about losing gapless, but the 829 can play gapless wav files, not ideal, I know, but at least the facility's there for any crucial live albums etc. You can make playlists via the computer, but there's no deleting tracks directly, although you can delete video directly from the unit.

    I think the 829 sounds slightly better than the 808, but it's mainly the soundstage that seems wider. Zizone noticed this too and it certainly gives the impression of a 'bigger' sound. The sound itself is very similar, it just seems to be spread over a larger area. But the 808 sounds really good anyway, so it's not as if one sounds bad and the other sounds great.

    I used WMP to sync my music and it was very easy. I had a mix of wma, mp3 and atrac, so I ended up just re-ripping the whole lot again. I didn't bother with Media Manager or any other software because I know WMP really well and it was easier to stick with that.

    I'm actually selling my 829 (believe it or not) because it's already full, so I re-bought the Zune to store all my music on, (as the new update featured gapless playback!!) and then I bought the Sony 8GB 828 just because I really like the sound. And I use that specifically for portable use and the Zune when I'm in one place for a long time.

  17. Is there a way to forward tracks faster? When playing a 2 hour mix it takes about 10 minutes to get to the half of the track.... 10 minutes and a sore thumb..

    I think if you press 'pause' first - and then hit f/f, it will go a LOT faster.

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