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  1. Thanks Andreasvb, Zip updated on my previous post.
  2. A new build : GYM 1.3 ! GYM 1.3.zip - .net 2.0 compatible , .net 1.0 and 1.1 may be uninstalled. (with pictures in listview and dialogs for directory selecting ...) - 1Mb reading on Mp3 header to bypass covers stored in MP3 files. - few interface improvements - crack.mp3 added on zip file GYM forever
  3. Hello GYM don't read covers from the mp3, but need to find the begining of the music by reading sequentially the mp3 file, music is after tags and contingently, covers... So you can remove the covers from the mp3 with tag&rename by exemple. The covers displayed by GYM are taken from the SS database. After putting a new album in ss, you can insert the cover by drag and drop, to the question "set covers on all tracks" or something like that, SAY NO. Covers will be added only on SS database and not in all the mp3 files.
  4. Yes you're right Covers are set in the mp3 header, GYM scan the header on a short length, if the sequence indicating where the music start is not found -> Error. I try scaning 1mo but GYM become very slow. There's no way with covers in mp3 tags and gym; it's why i added the covers in gym based on SonicStage db and not on mp3 tags. I'll send you the exe file...
  5. Do you need only the last build (.exe) or all the project ? The crash you mention may be cause by too long header in mp3, caused by tags, try to remove tags and reupload a bad mp3 on your Sony. Tell me if it works Bye
  6. I'm still working on GYM, i made some modifications since the 1.2beta, but no major improvements. I wanted to work on the playlists issues with SS and on the compatibility for covers and playlists with others SONY players. But no time at this moment. I don't want to work on ATRAC, (I don't like proprietary formats). The MP3 upload seems to be more realisable. But time, time time... is not on my side.. GYM is not dead
  7. No, it was just a resume of what's working actually, ex covers with vaio YES, playlists with vaio NO
  8. Just for fun a new beta for testing... GYM Beta 1.21 EN Bye
  9. For resuming ______KEYGEN__PLAYING_ COVERS__PLAYLISTS___Using HD5_____X________X_______X_________X_________SS (for cover) - MP3FM VAIO____X________X_______X_________-_________SS (for covers) - MP3FM NWA____X_________X_______-_________-_________CONNECT -> I'm looking, a guy send me files... (Issues MP3 with covers inside) Playlist for VAIO -> strange issue, perhaps SS do something special... At yhis time a playlist made by GYM is not compatible with SS, i think when we'll find why, it will be ok for VAIO.
  10. If only we've got NW-A... and Vaio it will be easiest to test... Vaio are fully compatibles for covers but for bookmarks and playlists not so sure, a 03GINF22.DAT vaio is needed. I end a new build with new buttons and minor improvments. Bye
  11. Yes I try it right now Stupids Smilies Playlists are OK, Since i work with Gym i totally forget how to use my HD5 alone
  12. Gym doesn't work with 2.0 framwork you nedd the 1.1 .net
  13. It's not necessary you just have to put <display_covers>no</display_covers> in GYM.xml. Bye
  14. A new build for testing... GYM1.13b (beta) Enjoy Just put the 2 files in your GYM directory
  15. I forget to correct that issue, and the label in the status bar is truncated sometimes. Bye
  16. Sorry GYM only read MP3 on Sony player You may try OrangeCD by Firetongue, very nice i think
  17. Yes i think about it, it' why i'll add an option for displaying or not the covers For somone (like me) who don't use SS it will be transparent, for others if they add covers with SS thet will be displayed. Bye
  18. A little preview And now a beta for testing, and specially for those who had problems for playing and saving mp3. GYM beta only for testing and feedback The covers are added, the localization is in progress. To add covers, you must use SS, add covers in SS (only to albums, to tracks it's useless) and have to to reupload albums to the HD. Bye modif1.1
  19. Hello everybody I found a bug and correct it, it was the one who prevent mp3 playing and saving in certain cases. It was about pictures in oma files... Now i finish a new build with covers display That works but the bad thing is that files need to be uploaded with covers by SS Bye
  20. Do you have directx installed on your computer ?
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